What mistakes of buyers lead to a waste of money

mistakes of buyers

Every person acts almost daily as a consumer, buying various goods. At the same time, most people are trapped in delusions, some of which are important to dispel. In particular, mistakes of buyers are very significant, which are often guided by common stereotypes. Errors in determining the quality of products Many people are ready to …

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26 Effective Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Waste fo Money

Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Waste

Surely you already at times had a situation whereby the end of the month you simply can not remember where you spent a certain part of your money? In reality, this is due to the fact that you do not control your finances and make a lot of impulsive purchases, which does not allow you …

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Trading Strategies for Bitcoin

bitcoin trading

Crypto currency and bitcoin, in particular, are the most volatile financial instruments for today. Races of 10-20% up or down – a common thing for these assets. And sometimes some coins per day grow hundreds of times. In addition, there are other features that need to be considered for cryptocurrency trading. Often traders who switch …

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Features of trading bitcoin on Forex

trading bitcoin on Forex

In 2017 there was a real boom in the popularity of crypto-currencies. 9 years about bitcoin knew only geeks, and today even grandmothers on benches speak about him. Nevertheless, investment and trade in the cryptocurrency are still difficult. You need to create wallets, register on exchanges, work with exchangers, which charge a huge commission. You …

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Where is online bitcoin trading

online bitcoin trading

Forex, binary options, now futures. Bidding on online bitcoin is already carried out in many financial markets. However, in only one case, you actually buy or sell a cryptocurrency – when trading on the exchange. Today, we will examine the features of the bitcoin trading platforms in different financial markets and decide where to make …

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5 predictions that investors do not want to remember


The 21st century, before it began, was marked by two catastrophes of the stock market, a global financial crisis, followed by a large-scale recession, which will take a long time to come out. What is happening in the capital markets now, is the consequence of those actions of politicians, economists and financial gurus, listening to …

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Guide to International Rating Agencies

International Rating Agencies

Over the past few years, headlines with the words “rating agencies” and ” credit ratings ” appear in news feeds and regular publications. These publications talk about raising or lowering credit ratings, both whole countries, and individual companies. The latest hype about the actions of rating agencies occurred in the midst of the 2008 crisis. …

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How to save Money on Vacation and Travel?

save Money on Vacation and Travel

Most people are convinced that travel is necessarily associated with large financial expenses. And this opinion, of course, is not groundless. Agree, it is difficult to imagine that any airline will dare to take you to a place of rest for free, and the hotel administration suddenly wants to disinterment rent out the rooms to …

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