Where is online bitcoin trading

Forex, binary options, now futures. Bidding on online bitcoin is already carried out in many financial markets. However, in only one case, you actually buy or sell a cryptocurrency – when trading on the exchange.

Today, we will examine the features of the bitcoin trading platforms in different financial markets and decide where to make better money changes in the value of the cryptocurrency.

Forex trading in bitcoin

More and more Forex dealers introduce crypto assets into the list of available trading instruments. Today you can conclude deals on bitcoin, etherium and other crypto-currencies, without buying the coins themselves.

online bitcoin trading
online bitcoin trading

Forex brokers offer not trading a crypt, but a CFD on it. Let’s recall what contracts are for the difference in the price of an asset (CFD).

This is a contract for the difference in stock prices. That is, you can earn or lose an amount equal to the difference in the rate between the opening and closing of the transaction. You do not need to buy the asset itself.

Trading bitcoin online in the Forex market does not affect the capitalization and quotes of crypto-active. You may not even have a bitcoin-purse to trade the asset on the platform of the broker.

Crypt on binary options

Binary options are somewhat similar to CFD. You also do not have to buy an asset to open a deal on the cue ball and other cryptocurrency. It is enough to predict in which direction the course will go. However, there are also enough CFD differences. The first is a fixed income and loss. Also, the trader pre-sets the closing time of the deal. And lastly, there is no leverage on BO, which can be used by trading contracts for the difference.

Today, binary trading on the crypt is offered by many top-level brokers:

  • Olymp Trade ;
  • Binomo ;
  • Verum Option , etc.

Only when choosing, note that the profitability of brokers is different. For example, Olympus Trade is an excellent broker. But the revenue from crypto-active assets is very high and sometimes fluctuates around 50%. If you want to choose a place where you can trade bitcoin with maximum profitability, we recommend that you pay attention to Verum Option.

Bitcoin futures

More recently, large US exchanges CBOE and CME have launched futures are not the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world. Many Russian traders are familiar with BO and Forex. But with futures a little more complicated.

Not everyone understands what CBOE and CME have done, and what futures are.

Buying futures, you do not acquire the very cryptocurrency. Future is a contract between the seller and the buyer. The parties agree that after a certain period of time they will sell, and the other will buy the goods at a predetermined price.

Direct futures also have no effect on the value of the cryptocurrency and the brokers that offer futures on the coin are not a trading platform for bitcoins.


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