What mistakes of buyers lead to a waste of money

Every person acts almost daily as a consumer, buying various goods. At the same time, most people are trapped in delusions, some of which are important to dispel.

In particular, mistakes of buyers are very significant, which are often guided by common stereotypes.

Errors in determining the quality of products

  1. Many people are ready to be satisfied with sausage of low quality, but at the same time, it is sufficiently nutritious and high-calorie.
  2. Another extreme is the purchase of only expensive products in the hope that their quality is higher. Based on the results of inspections and examinations, the high quality of the goods has a high cost by a large measure due to expensive packaging and advertising, while the economy class products often have a sufficiently high quality.
  3. Lovers of apples may not eat exclusively acidic apples in the hope of a greater content of iron in them. Despite such prejudice, the taste of these fruits and the content of iron in them do not have a direct connection, in addition, in apples, there is not a lot of this trace element.
  4. The conscious choice of exclusively sea salt is also not always rational. In this sense, it is important whether synthetic products are added to this product to maintain its friability. If they are present, then sea salt is unlikely to be a good choice.
  5. Mistakes of buyers are often associated with a rooted misconception about the benefits of juices in packages. This product, among other features, is very poor in fiber, so instead of eating juices, it is better to choose fresh vegetables and fruits.
  6. People who want to reduce the caloric content of their diet, but who do not want to completely abandon the sweet, often choose brown sugar. But the calorie content of such a product is similar to that of white sugar, and there is not much more vitamins and trace elements in it, so this overpayment is simply irrational.
  7. The cheapness of products in the markets is now also a big misconception: often vegetables, fruits and other components of the diet of most citizens are much more profitable to buy in supermarkets.
mistakes of buyers
mistakes of buyers

Other Common Customer Errors

  1. Citizens who love to travel often seek to purchase tickets on leave in advance, believing that such a method is more profitable. However, more sophisticated travelers know that the most advantageous ticket can be found at the height of the season. Many expect to purchase a burning tour, which allows you to save up to half the original amount.
  2. It’s good to fly on a trip not in the first days of the month, since these days are the most popular among vacationers, and therefore the prices for air tickets are too high.

In general, the mistakes of buyers are connected, first of all, with prejudices imposed on society, which in many cases are good advertising moves.


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