Best Indian Mutual Funds for 2015

2015 year has been started and it’s time to invest your hard earned money in mutual funds. Whether you’re planning for simple tax saving purpose or for your child’s education / marriage or even for your own retirement years, you need guidance.

In this article, I’ll list some of the best Indian mutual funds in different category that will help all.

While selecting funds, I’ve taken many factors in mind like past performance of fund, objective of fund, AUM, expense ratio, age of the fund, consistent return, standard deviation, Beta, portfolio of fund, AMC reputation etc.

Equity Mutual Funds

The best way to create wealth either for yourself, or for your child’s education or marriage or your own retirement planning, just invest in these funds. Suitable for long-term investors i.e. more than 5 years of time. You can invest lump-sum and/or invest via SIP mode also. Don’t see NAV on daily basis and don’t stop your investment if market is down. These schemes invest around 80%- 100% in stock market.

HDFC Top 200
HDFC Mid-Cap Fund
HDFC Equity Fund
IDFC Premier Equity Fund
Birla SL Frontline Equity
Birla Sun Life Top 100
Reliance Small Cap Fund
Reliance Retirement Fund – Wealth Creation

Thematic Funds

These funds invest in one particular sector rather than diversifying the portfolio. So, such funds carries more risks. Invest only 10% of your portfolio in such funds.

Reliance Pharma Fund
Reliance Banking Fund

Balanced Fund

If your time horizon is less than 3-5 years, you can invest in Balanced Funds as they invest around 60% in equity & balance 40% in debt.

HDFC Prudence Fund
HDFC Balance Fund
Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Balanced

Gold Funds

These funds invest in Gold. There is already full article titled “13 ways to invest in Gold” which explains further these funds.

Reliance Gold ETF or Reliance Gold Fund
HDFC Gold Fund


These are Monthly Income Plans. They offer monthly income in the form of dividend. But remember, it’s not mandatory that company will give dividend every month. Since about 20% of money will be invested in equity, it’s possible that company fails to give dividend in case stock market is down like in 2008. So, if you’re looking for regular monthly income, without any break, forget these mutual funds, & go for Post office MIS or Bank FDs with monthly interest payout. Although in long term, these plans can give better returns than post office MIS.

HDFC MIP Long Term Growth
Reliance MIP
Birla Sun Life MIP II -Savings 5 Plan


Equity Linked Savings Scheme also invest upto 100% in equity like equity diversified fund. The only difference is that it has a lock-in period of 3 years. So, you get tax-advantage of Sec80C by investing in these schemes as per the current tax rules.

Reliance Tax Saver Fund
HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund
Franklin India Tax Shield

All of the above mentioned funds various options like Growth, Dividend-reinvest, dividend payout etc. If you’re a long-term investor and your objective is to create wealth for yourself or for child’s education or marriage or simply for retirement purpose, just go with Growth option.

Note: I STRONGLY suggest to invest in above mutual funds (except MIP) via SIP rather than lump-sum amount.

If you’ve got any doubt, please feel free to ask that under comments section below.


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  1. I am investing ten lakh in sbi smart retire life is it ok or i can switch to mutual fund is it posible i had just start payaying annual ten lakh july 2016 please sujest

    • One thing is sure. You don’t know about your own policy. Why are you investing your hard earned money in a plan, where you’ve doubt.
      Check with the policy bond to surrender it.
      Online term insurance + mutual funds + PPF is always a better option than retirement plan.
      Hope it will help you.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for this article, it really helps.

    I have one question on yearly returns… When I see any MF the yearly returns go down for 5 years…

    I mean.. 3rd year is good returns like 25% and 5th it goes to 15% like that..In this scenario why should we continue to till 5th year, is it better to quit at 3rd year?


    • First what is your age, then how many capacity to invest sip, continue how may years. The sip depend above these requirement. If your age 30-35 and burden is limited then you go to any equity oriented fund like uti mid cap, uti equity fund, uti mnc fund, uti pharma, icici value discovery fund, icici focused equity blue chif fund, icici mid cap fund, bsl mid cap fund, bsl manc fund.
      If your age 35-40 then you go to diversified fund like, uti opportunities fudn, uti retirement benefit pension fund, hdfc mid cap opportunities fund, sbi blue chif fund, icici top 200 fund,
      if your age 41-45 then you go to balalced fund like uti dividend yield fund, uti balanced fund, icici balanced fund, icici mip-25, hdfc balanced fund, bsl mip uti mis advantage fund.
      This is the classification of age-wise sip scheme, you choose your age-wise fund select and also continue minimum 5 year tenure. thanks

  3. hii,I want to invest 1500-2000 every month..for my child child is only 6 month I have to invest in post office R.D or take LIC policy or in mutual fund or gold????please suggest me..

    • You must go to mutual fund through sip like uti childrens carrer balanced plan, hdfc childs gift plan, icici childrens career plan. It is make future to your child’s higher education

  4. why not fund from icici or other fund house ? example ICICI Prudential Value fund, FT prima plus etc are good funds