HDFC Bank NetBanking Troubleshooting Guide

HDFC Bank customers generally prefer to use its NetBanking feature for various facilities provided by bank. From checking account balance to request cheque book, it’s all there online.

But many times, customers face some problems regarding using NetBanking feature. Login failure, server not available, password reset etc. are common issues.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to solve such issues online for smooth functioning of your HDFC NetBanking account.

Error Message: You are not registered for NetBanking


  1. The Customer ID you are using to Login is not registered for NetBanking or you may be using the Cust ID of the other account holder with you who is not registered for NetBanking
  2. As an Authorized signatory (AUS) : You may not have Registered your AUS Cust ID for NetBanking or You may by using the Cust ID of the company, which does not get an IPIN


Please download an e-Age Banking form from the website (or collect it from the Branch) and submit the same to the Branch after completion. The IPIN will be sent to you. Or if you have a TIN call up PhoneBanking  and request.

Note: Each of the Authorized signatories has to individually register for NetBanking.

Error Message:  The password you have entered is Invalid, please try again.


You may be using the wrong case while entering the IPIN (hdfcbank all in lower case is different from HDFCBANK all in upper case or HdFcBaNk in a combination of upper and lower case).

Enter the IPIN exactly the way it appears on the pin mailer sent with the Caps lock on or off as the case may warrant.

In case you are an Authorized signatory (AUS) and you also have an individual/personal account you may be using the wrong IPIN combination (Personal account Cust ID and IPIN of AUS or AUS Cust ID with Personal account IPIN).


Please enter the correct combination of Cust ID and the IPIN (password) issued to you.

Error Message: Sorry, Access to NetBanking has been denied. Please contact NetBanking Support


This occurs when your password gets disabled due to the following reasons:

  1. Five consecutive wrong password entries. This is to prevent unauthorized access
  2. If you have not used NetBanking for more than 180 days it gets locked. This is a precautionary measure for your security.


In such cases if you remember the IPIN please send an Email to [email protected] with subject ”Enable ID”and mention your Customer ID in the message. The ID will be enabled within 24 hrs and you can try logging in with the same IPIN.

A new IPIN will be sent to you or you can call the PhoneBanking (If you have a valid TIN ) and ask for regeneration, the new IPIN will be mailed to you. Or call PhoneBanking (if you have TIN) and request for regeneration.


Error Message: Server not responding


There could be various reasons for this, some of which are

  • Refresh and reload.
  • Server hosting the bank site is down


You should try accessing NetBanking after sometime and in case the problem persists, please contact us at [email protected]

Error Message: Service is unavailable for maintenance

from dd/mm/yy hh:mm to dd/mm/yy hh1:mm1, but is still displayed after scheduled time


You are probably seeing this error page continuously for this length of time because, the web page may be getting locally cached (stored).


Clear the History and try again.

For Internet Explorer 5.0 & above

  1. Select “TOOLS” from the menu-bar of the browser.
  3. Under the title “Temporary Internet files”, Click on “Delete Files”
  4. Click on “Apply” / “OK”
  5. Restart the Browser

For Netscape Navigator 7.0

  1. Select “EDIT” from the menu-bar of the browser.
  2. Go to “Preferences”
  3. Under “Advance”, click on “Cache”
  4. Now click on “Clear Memory Cache” and “Clear Disk Cache”
  5. Click on “OK” to apply the settings
  6. Restart the Browser.

Also request you to please check the process of Browser settings required for accessing NetBanking and revert back with your feedback.

Error Message:  Browser settings required for accessing NetBanking

NetBanking at HDFC Bank works best with Internet Explorer 5.5 and above and Netscape 4.7 and above.

Note: 128-bit encryption will now be mandatory, for logging into NetBanking i.e. Cipher Strength of the browser.

You can check the version and Cipher Strength of the browser by clicking on Help ‘About Internet Explorer’. First two lines will have the required information.

We recommend IE 5.5 or above. The Cipher Strength should be 128-bit. If the Cipher Strength is not 128-bit, please click on ‘Update Information’ link to upgrade the same to 128-bit. (The ‘Update Information’ link will be given next to the Cipher Strength in ‘About Internet Explorer’ pop up).

If ‘Update Information’ link is not available on the popup, click here to update your browser to 128-bit encryption (Cipher strength).

In case you are facing issues even with IE 5.5 and above and Cipher Strength of 128-bit download the most recent version of your browser by clicking on Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Required settings for Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.

  1. On the Internet Explorer browser Toolbar Go to Tools
  2. Then click on Internet Options
  3. Then Advanced and Scroll down to Security.
  4. Here Enable Use SSL 2.0 & Use SSL 3.0.
  5. Click on ‘Apply’ then “OK”
  6. Now go to Tools
  7. Click on Internet Options
  8. Go to Security
  9. Go to custom level
  10. Scroll down the list and go to ‘Scripting of Java applets ‘ and Enable it.
  11. If you are using LAN on your Internet Explorer Tool bar click on Tools
  12. Go to Internet options
  13. Click on Connections
  14. Go to LAN Settings
  15. Now click on Advanced
  16. In Servers, Secure field should not be blank.

Required settings for Netscape 7.0

  1. On the browser Toolbar, Go to “Edit”
  2. Click on “Preferences”
  3. Then click on “Privacy & Security”
  4. Then go to “SSL”
  5. Here “Enable SSL Version 2.0” and “Enable SSL Version 3.0” should be checked.
  6. If you are using LAN, then Go to “Edit”
  7. Click on “Preferences”
  8. Go to “Advanced”
  9. Then go to “Proxies”
  10. Here SSL Proxy field should not be blank.
  11. Click on ‘OK’ and restart the browser.

Error Message:  Browser Related Problems

In case you have any browser-related problems while trying to access NetBanking, please write to [email protected] with the following information:

  • The Browser and version you are using
  • The stage when the error message, if any, is displayed
  • The exact error message that is displayed.
  • If possible, a Screen Dump of the error messages. You may send this as an attachment in your mail. (To obtain a screen dump, press the “Print Screen” button on the keyboard, and paste onto a file Word or Word Pad)


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