How to create online Virtual Card using SBI bank account for online shopping?

Online shopping is one of the favorite way of shopping for every netizen now-a-days. From Flipkart to HomeShop18, shopping lovers spent lots of time and money to do shopping here. And for making payment, many times they use their NetBanking account, debit or credit card on internet. Such mode of payment may also give some discount which otherwise may not apply of one uses cash on delivery option.

Whatever the mode of online payment you use, and whatever the security measures you take, there is always risk of hackers seeking your payment details.

The internet is full of such complaints from around the world.

To solve such kinds of problems, State Bank of India has come up with a very good solution called “Virtual Card”. Such card has a validity of 48 hrs. and the money limit will be decided by you.

E.g., let us assume you want to purchase a new mobile phone online for Rs.7,500/-. You just create online virtual card (steps will be given below) for a limit of Rs.7,500, give its details like card number, CVV no. etc., on shopping site and submit.

Such card can be used only for a single transaction.

If you do not use the full amount, the remaining amount will be credited back to your SBI bank account automatically after 48 hrs.

This way your credit card, debit card or Net Banking account details are safe with you without exposing credit credit limit at risk.

Let us see the steps to create such Virtual Card from SBI website.

Step 1

Visit the official website of SBI at You’ll get screen like this:

Click on Login button to enter website.

Step 2

Enter your user name and password on next screen as shown below.

Step 3

Click on “e-card” tab from top menu and then click on “State Bank Virtual Card” from left menu as shown below.

Step 4

Select your account number, if you’ve more then 1 account, enter the amount for which you want to create virtual card, check the box of “Terms and Conditions” and finally click on “Generate” button.

Step 5

The next screen will display your name, debit account no. and virtual card limit amount. Verify the details and click on “Generate” button or click “Back” button in case of any error / modification.

Step 6

The system will send One Time Password (OTP) on the mobile phone registered with the bank for this account. Enter the same OTP with virtual keypad of screen and click on “Confirm” button.

Step 7

The next screen will display your virtual card on screen with your name, card no., CVV no., limit amount and expiry date of the card. Just note down all these information on paper and use the card on your shopping website.


You may also check more FAQ on SBI Virtual card at


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