Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 05-Sep-2013


1.Reliance Interval Fund-Quarterly Interval Fund Series III announces dividend

Reliance Mutual Fund has announced 06 September 2013 as the record date for declaration of dividend under Reliance Interval Fund-Quarterly Interval Fund Series III. The quantum of dividend on the face value of Rs 10 per unit will be Rs 0.1883 per unit under dividend option and Rs 0.1884 per unit under institutional-dividend option.

News Source – NAV INDIA.

2.UTI G-Sec Fund introduces daily dividend option

UTI Mutual Fund introduced a Daily Dividend option under UTI G-Sec Fund- Short Term Plan, with compulsory reinvestment of dividend under both Direct and Regular plans. The existing dividend option is renamed as Periodic Dividend Option, with facility for both- payout and reinvestment.
The existing investors will come under Periodic Dividend Option. The change will be effective from September 2, 2013.



3.Axis Mutual Fund announces change in fund management responsibilities

Axis Mutual Fund has announced change in fund management responsibilities under various schemes. Accordingly, the new fund manager(s) with effect from 02 September 2013 are:
Axis Liquid Fund, Axis Income Fund, Axis Constant Maturity 10 Year Fund & Axis Short Term Fund: Mr Devang Shah
Axis Treasury Advantage Fund & Axis Banking Debt Fund: Mr Kedar Karnik
Axis Income Saver: Mr Kedar Karnik & Mr Jinesh Gopani
Axis Hybrid Fund-Series 1 to 3,5 & 6: Mr Devang Shah & Mr Jinesh Gopani
Axis Capital Protection Oriented Fund-Series 1 to 4: Mr Devang Shah & Mr Sudhanshu Asthana

News Source – NAV INDIA.

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