Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 20-July-2013


1.UTI Mutual Fund launches new Income Fund

UTI Mutual Fund announced the NFO of UTI Fixed Term Income Fund- Series XV- IX (366 Days). The scheme is available for subscription from July 19, 2013 to July 23, 2013.


2.Morgan Stanley MF Launches Ultra Short Term Fund. NFO Period from 17 July to 24 July 2013

Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund has launched a new fund named as Morgan Stanley Ultra Short Term Fund, an open ended debt scheme. The New Fund Offer (NFO) price for the scheme is Rs 10 per unit. The new issue is open for subscription from 17 July and closes on 24 July 2013.
To provide liquidity and generate reasonable returns from a portfolio of money market and short-term debt instruments.
The scheme offers two options viz. growth and dividend options and dividend option further offers reinvestment daily, re-investments weekly and reinvestment and payout monthly.
The scheme would allocate 100% of assets in money market & debt instruments with average maturity of the portfolio not being more than 1 year with low risk profile. Including securitized debt up to 50% of net assets of the Scheme and no investments shall be made in foreign securitized debt.

News Source – NAV INDIA.


3.Reliance FHF XX Series 31: Dividend Declaration

Reliance Mutual Fund has announced dividend under the dividend option of Reliance FHF XX Series 31. The quantum of dividend shall be Rs 0.1 per unit.
The record date has been fixed as July 24, 2013


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