Kotak Life Insurance Surakshit Jeevan Plan

You have always strived to give your family the very best – emotional support, financial security, peace of mind and more. However, fate has a way of bringing up surprises – both pleasant and otherwise. As a breadwinner, your priority is to ensure security and peace of mind for your entire family.
Kotak Surakshit Jeevan, an enhanced protection and long-term savings plan, makes sure your family remains financially independent even if you are not around. It is an insurance plan that helps you keep pace with changing needs at every step of life, be it protection for your family or savings for the future.
  • Double protection after 5 years
  • Provision for disciplined savings
  • Convenient premium payment options
  • Easy application:
    Simple documentation
    No medical tests*
    Hassle-free sign-up
 Key Features
Double cover to match your requirement
To ensure that your life is adequately covered at every step, our ‘Enhanced Protection’ benefit automatically boosts life cover (Basic Sum Assured) after Year 5 by 100%. The increased cover continues throughout the remaining term of the policy.
Disciplined savings for the long run
To ensure that you accumulate a substantial lump sum as the years go by, i.e. Maturity Benefit, this plan enables you to set aside modest amounts in a well-planned manner.
Bonuses to boost your savings
A range of bonuses to boost your accumulation kitty:
  • Simple reversionary bonus declared at the end of each year and payable on maturity or in the event of death
  • Interim bonus, in case of claim during the course of the year
  • Terminal bonus, on completion of 10 policy years and paid on maturity or in the event of death
  • Special terminal bonus payable at the end of the policy term on maturity of the policy
Flexibility to meet diverse requirements
Surakshit Jeevan gives you the flexibility to utilize your accumulated kitty on maturity in any of the following three different ways:
  • To meet contingency fund requirements: Entire proceeds as a single lump sum
  • For your kids’ dreams: To meet the continuous fund requirements of your child’s education and career you can opt for half-yearly installments over a five-year period. The guaranteed amount of each half-yearly installment would be Rs.108 per thousand maturity benefit
  • For a comfortable retirement: Cash component of 1/3rd of maturity proceeds can be availed and the balance can be can be utilized to purchase an annuity from Kotak Life Insurance or any other insurer
Rider Options
You have flexibility to enhance your cover option with the two riders available with this plan:
Kotak Life Guardian Benefit – (LGB – UIN No: 107C012V01)
Kotak Permanent Disability Benefit – (PDB – UIN No: 107C002V01)
Tax Benefits
Tax Benefits can be availed under section 80C and 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax benefits are subject to change in tax laws. Please consult your tax advisor for details.
* Conditions apply as per company underwriting guidelines. In case the individual qualifies under the specific medical criteria, medical tests would need to be undertaken.

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