Kotak Life Insurance Headstart Child Plans

Every child is different, with a unique set of dreams and aspirations. As a parent, you would like to provide your child with all the building blocks necessary to develop his or her potential to the fullest. This could mean extra coaching or tuition for talented children, special training or equipment for natural athletes, or professional training for born singers. This is where Kotak’s Headstart Child Plans come in.

Children Plans

 What are children plans and why are they important?
As parent you have always wanted the best for your children.. Lack of financial resources should not come in the way of your child’s dreams, goals and aspirations. Children plans are uniquely designed products to help you save in a systematic manner for a brighter future for your beloved children.
The best thing about children plans is that they help you save regularly over a period of time and build a corpus that can be used to fund your children’s overseas education, marriage, travel etc. Children plans also protect your children against any unforeseen or unfortunate event; and secure their future by funding the key milestones in their lives, even when you are no longer around to oversee them. Besides securing the future of loved ones, children plans provide parents like you peace of mind.
 Give your children a head start in life with children plans
It is very important to plan your finances carefully so that your children can benefit. If you invest in the right children plan, you will be able to provide the required financial support to your child, whenever he or she needs it the most.
Children plans are all the more important when you start considering increasing costs due to the effect of inflation. For instance, professional courses such as management, medicine and engineering are already very expensive; these are likely to be far more costly when your child grows up. So, you have to factor in inflation into all your calculations.. One of the smartest ways to beat inflation and create financial stability irrespective of the career your children choose for themselves is to start investing as early as possible in children plans.
Kotak Life Insurance’s children plans are one of the best in its category. Kotak Headstart Child Plan is a unique child plan which will help you financially secure the future of your children by providing good returns as well as protecting him/her against any unforeseen circumstances
 Why an Ideal Plan
These are specially tailored, cost effective plans that aim to give your children the financial means to pursue his or her dreams – and to live them.
  • Choice of 2 plan variants – Kotak Headstart Assure Wealth and Kotak Headstart Future Protect
  • Maximizes wealth while providing protection
  • Save for 2 children with one plan
  • Additional survival units
  • Flexible withdrawals
 Key Features
Your NeedsOur Solutions
A dependable investment avenue
To meet exponentially increasing costs of education or marriage, equity exposure is the key. However, you may find it difficult to take a view on the markets and may not be in a position to switch your money efficiently from one fund to another. What you need is an investment plan that manages itself to deliver handsome returns.Our unique DYNAMIC FLOOR FUND II offers embedded advice from investment experts, aiming for stable returns and capital appreciation to comfortably outpace the cost of living. It allows you to invest and forget about the hassles of switching across fund options or depend upon the advice of others.
Flexibility to manage your plan
Your children’s future expenses don’t all come at once; often there might be a large initial outlay, with extra expense over the ensuing years. For this you need a flexible avenue that allows access to your investment, in any amount and at any time.You may withdraw any amount on maturity for your children. The balance, if any, can be taken in pre-specified installments -yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly.
Protection for your children
You would not want to take a chance when it comes to your children’s future. You are looking for a plan that ensures a financially secure and comfortable tomorrow, no matter what the uncertainty of life.
  • On the death of the life insured a lump sum of 100% of the sum assured would be paid out immediately. An additional amount of all outstanding premiums plus the fund value will also be paid. This is applicable for Headstart Future Protect (Single Life Plan)
 Riders available under both the plans are:
For Kotak Headstart Future Protect:For Kotak Headstart Assure Wealth:
  • Kotak Critical Illness Benefit (CIB)
  • Kotak Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
  • Kotak Permanent Disability Benefit (PDB)
  • Kotak Accidental Disability Guardian Benefit (ADGB)
  • Kotak Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
  • Kotak Permanent Disability Benefit (PDB)
  • Kotak Critical Illness Benefit (CIB)


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