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Kotak Life Insurance Guaranteed Pension Builder Plan

Security is one of the most important needs of life. It dictates quite a few of your actions and decisions. However, its need is exemplified in the post retirement years when sources of income dry up and expenditures multiply. Therefore, to ensure a comfortable post retirement life we present to you Kotak Guaranteed Pension Builder, a plan that combines safety of capital with inflation beating returns.
Why An Ideal Plan
Kotak Guaranteed Pension Builder works for your security and financial independence by allowing you to save systematically for your golden years. At the same time, it offers Capital Guarantee* to protect you from the uncertainty associated with equity markets. With host of features, this plan provides flexibility and convenience ensures a happy and secure retirement for you.
  • Enjoy unlimited upside from capital markets with a downside protection through Capital Guarantee*
  • Flexibility to choose your retirement age
  • Benefit from being able to switch between fund options
  • No medical tests
  • Increase contribution at will by way of top-up premiums
Key Features
Security of Capital Guarantee
To protect your hard earned money against capital losses, we offer you a Capital Guarantee, which is equal to the total amount of premium paid by you over the policy term, provided, all your premiums have been paid in full and on time.
Ill-Health Retirement
At the start of the plan, you may opt for a retirement age between the age of 45 and 99 years. But ill-health could unfortunately strike, requiring you to dip into your retirement corpus. The Ill-health Retirement option helps you to cope with such circumstances provided you have completed at least 3 policy anniversaries.
Flexibility of Premium Payment
Flexibility is very important when it comes to retirement. Kotak Guaranteed Pension Builder offers you the flexibility to pay for the short term when you are not sure of your income in the years to come. Limited Premium Payment feature allows you to choose a payment term of 3 or 5 years with a policy term of 10 years. You also have the flexibility to pay premiums annually, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly.
Invest your surplus capital as Top-up Premiums
You can invest your surplus funds at any time as Top-Ups, thus adding to your savings potential.
*Provided all premiums are paid on time as originally scheduled.

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