Ignore Fake email seems to be from Income Tax Department

“Phishing” is not new to anyone now. For beginners, it is something called security threat to your assets including your credit card, bank accounts, shares etc.

This time a phishing email has been sent to many people using name of Income tax department.

Below is the sample of such email.

Please note that below email was NOT send by Income tax department as it seems to be. So, don’t pay attention to such emails and NEVER click on any link given in such email and NEVER NEVER submit any personal details there. Just delete such emails and mark them as spam.

Remember, if you’re eligible for income tax refund, income tax department will send it to you directly by cheque / ECS. They don’t ask for your personal details.

* copy of phishing email *

Dear Valued Taxpayer,The board of revenue has successfully settled the account audit up to the first quarter of this year and thus, after a comprehensive review of your tax payment so far, you are qualified for a refund settlement of Rs 36,850.15 which is your tax surpluses. Please click on the reference below to fill and submit a refund request to enable us process and remit your refund settlement to you.CLICK TO SUBMIT A REQUEST

Note: Requests are processed within ten business days.

Refund can be delayed by the following reasons:

  • Applying after the deadline of notification.AND/OR
  • Submitting incomplete/inaccurate financial information.
Income Tax Unit
Ministry 0f Finance
Govt. 0f lndia
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