Birla Sunlife Insurance Money Back Plus Plan

BSLI Money Back Plus Plan

We understand your need to know that your savings are safe and growing. We also appreciate the fact that you may be faced with situations during which you may require your money back urgently.With the BSLI Money Back Plus Plan you receive Guaranteed returns and savings along with the freedom to withdraw it when you need it. All this comes with protection that only increases over the years.
Guaranteed Maturity and Survival Benefits
Our plan offers you a Guaranteed Maturity Benefit- i.e. a minimum amount that is guaranteed at the end of the term of the policy, along with a chance to earn survival benefit at the end of every policy year rd from the 3 year onwards. This adds up to form your accumulated survival benefits. The Guaranteed Maturity Benefit is the sum of all base premiums that you have paid. And, the younger you are and the longer you stay with the policy the higher the Guaranteed Maturity Benefit will be. You will receive the Guaranteed Maturity Benefit and the accumulated Survival Benefit on maturity.
Flexible withdrawal option
The accumulated survival benefit could be used for cash withdrawals or premium offsets. The minimum cash withdrawal is Rs. 5,000, and you can opt for an offset of future premiums provided the accumulated survival benefits are higher than your annual premium. Alternatively, the accumulated survival benefit would be paid on maturity, surrender or death.
Protecting your family with increased life cover
Every policy year we increase your life cover by an amount equal to
your annual base premium. Over the years, your life cover increases,
as a result, it provides greater security and protection to your loved
ones. The minimum life cover would be ten times the annual base
Other benefits offered
Maturity Preponement: Unfortunate circumstances could bring about a need to prepone the maturity of your policy. In this situation, the plan would pay you an amount equaling the Guaranteed Maturity Benefit minus the early maturity adjustment, along with your accumulated survival benefits. Preponement is possible only after ten completed policy years. Also no deduction is made if preponement is after 20 policy years.
Surrender Benefit: On surrender of your policy before the completion of ten policy years, your base premiums multiplied by a percentage (refer to table below) plus your accumulated survival benefit would be paid to you. The policy acquires a surrender benefit only if premiums have been paid for 3 full years.
Policy Year of Surrender
The ADD Rider: You can also opt for the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider (ADD).
Plan Summary
Entry Age30 days to 60 years
Policy TermMinimum-10 years
Maximum-70 minus your current age
Subject to Maximum 40 years
PremiumsMinimum: Rs. 9,600 per annum You can choose your annual base premiums only in multiples of Rs. 1,200
Premium Paying FrequencyAnnually, half yearly, quarterly or monthly, as per your convenience
Tax BenefitUnder Section 80C and 10(10D)
Premium and Survival Benefit BandsLinked to your annual base premiums Explained below
Survival Benefit BandAnnual Base Premium RangeSurvival Benefit
Band 1Rs. 9,600 – Rs. 18,000Base Survival Benefit
Band 2Rs. 19,200 – Rs. 37,2005% extra over Base Survival Benefit
Band 3Rs. 38,400 onwards7% extra over Base Survival Benefit

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