Birla Sunlife Insurance Universal Health Plan

Birla Sun Life Insurance Universal Health Plan

Presenting the Birla Sun Life Insurance Universal Health Plan
Over the years health care costs have been steadily increasing in India. Providing for the best medical care and hospitalization is proving to be increasingly expensive, especially when you have to dip into your long-term savings to pay for hospital bills.The BSLI Universal Health Plan is a health insurance plan, which enables you to provide your entire family with the best medical care without putting a strain on your long-term savings.It comes with a guaranteed health insurance cover of 3 years for your entire family.

The BSLI Universal Health Plan covers your family’s hospital related expenses and also out-of-pocket health expenses such as over-thecounter medicines, gym, yoga, dental and similar expenses.

Guaranteed coverage till age 80 years
The BSLI Universal Health Plan gives you a guaranteed health cover till the age of 80 years. While you may have to undergo some medical tests when the policy is issued to you for the first time, subsequent renewal every three years are guaranteed without any medical tests. This plan can be renewed till you and your spouse is 78 years old and your children are 23 years old. Now you need not worry about paying your family’s hospitalization bills.
Health Cover in addition to Mediclaim
BSLI Universal Health Plan covers you in addition to any other health plan that you may have including mediclaim policies.This means that you only have to submit the photocopies of your hospital bills to claim the benefits under the BSLI Universal Health Plan. With this plan you can now get a double cover benefit.
Comprehensive wellness cover
You will be reimbursed one annual premium every three years, which you may claim as per your requirements. In case you don’t claim this amount, it is carried forward and saved as the Universal Health Benefit (UHB). You can choose to accumulate these benefits and claim them at any time in the future. We also guarantee an additional bonus of 20% on this unclaimed amount every three years. You can use this amount to pay for wellness related expenses like yoga class fees, dental care, spectacles, ayurvedic and homeopathy treatments and similar other expenses.
Tax benefit under section 80D
Annual premiums up to Rs.15,000 (Rs. 20,000 for senior citizens)
are eligible for tax benefit.And in case you are buying this plan to cover your parents your premiums are eligible for an additional tax benefit of Rs.15,000 (Rs. 20,000 for senior citizens).
Key benefits of the plan
Hospitalization Benefit
In case of hospitalization of any of the family member, this plan provides you with a per day hospitalization expense and ICU allowance.
Surgical Benefits
The plan provides a comprehensive surgical cover for a number of surgeries. These are fixed benefits and not linked to your actual expenses.
Plan Summary
Age at entrySelf, Spouse and Parents – 18 years to 65 years, Children – 3 months to 17 years
Maximum coverage ageSelf, Spouse and Parents – 80 years Children – 25 years
Family members eligible for coverSelf, Spouse and 3 dependent children or Parents
Policy Tenure3 years
Premium Payment Term3 years regular premium payment with guaranteed insurability at the end of every policy term
Minimum & Maximum PremiumDepends on age and gender
Network Hospitals with Cashless Facility5300 PLUS network hospitals that provide cashless facility
Medical Second OpinionFree medical second opinion from world’s leading second opinion provider
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