Birla Sunlife Insurance Saral Health Plan

BSLI Saral Health Plan

Introducing BSLI Saral Health Plan, a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers hospitalisation expenses, surgical expenses, critical illness and routine health care expenses during your chosen Health Insurance Benefit term.  And, Builds a fund for you to meet your health and medical expenses which you can use over your entire life.
A Simple buying process without medical tests
You do not have to go through the hassle of medical tests for buying this plan. All you have to do is fill up an application form, choose your pay term, your health insurance benefit term and any additional premium that you may choose to pay to enhance your health reimbursement benefit.
Cover for your regular medical expenses
The premium that you pay is used to create a fund which you can start using from the sixth year onwards to  cover routine health and medical related expenses over your entire life. These would include your dental care, general practitioner fees and similar expenses. All you have to do is provide us a copy of the bills to get the amount reimbursed.
Enhanced savings through Guaranteed Additions
Your fund value is increase at the end of the health insurance benefit term by means of Guaranteed Additions, giving you an additional amount to meet your health care expenses.Your Guaranteed Addition amount depends on  your policy premium and the combination of premium paying term and health insurance benefit term you choose.  The Guaranteed Additions are applicable only if you have paid all your premiums.
Cover for Hospitalisation Expenses and Critical Illness
In case of hospitalisation, you will receive a daily fixed cash benefit as below:. Rs. 2000 for hospitalisation without surgery, Rs. 4000 for hospitalisation involving surgery and Rs. 8000 for surgery related to brain, heart, liver or lungs
In case you are diagnosed with a Critical Illness, you will receive a lump sum equal to Rs. 20,000 times the policy year in which the critical illness has occurred.
Tax Benefit
You enjoy tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961 under this plan.
Plan Summary
Your Age at Entry18 to 50 years
Premium paying and Health Insurance benefit Term (referred as pay/ term)Three options to Choose from : 10 pay/ 10 term, 10 pay/20 term and 20 pay/20 term
Terminal Illness and Death BenefitIf you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you can claim full Fund Value, even without providing bills against it.
In case of unfortunate death, your nominee will receive the Fund Value.
Investment Option – LifeCycleYour premiums will be invested between Maximiser (100% equity) and Income Advantage (100% debt) in a predetermined proportion based your risk profile and age at the time of investment.
Please refer to brochure for full details

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