Birla Sunlife Insurance Saral Children’s Plan

BSLI Saral Children’s Plan

Welcome to the BSLI Saral Children’s Plan, a solution that combines the best benefits into a single plan. A plan that gives a guaranteed amount on maturity and keeps the policy alive in the unfortunate event of the parent’s death, ensuring that your child’s future is secure.
A Simple buying process without medical tests
You do not have to go through the hassle of medical tests for buying this plan. All you have to do is fill up an application form, choose your savings premium, premium paying term and policy term and a suitable investment option.
Continuation of policy even after your death
This plan completely secures your child’s future. In the unfortunate event of the parent’s death,
Your child will receive an amount equal to the Sum assured
All future premiums continue to be paid by BSLI and your child receives the Fund Value at the end of the policy term
Investment options to suit your needs
BSLI Saral Children’s plan gives you an opportunity to invest depending on your risk appetite. You have two investment options to choose from – LifeCycle Option and Guaranteed Option.
In the LifeCycle option, we manage your investments over the term of the policy to suit your age and risk profile. This frees you from having to manage your investment.
If you choose the Guaranteed Option, you stand to receive a guaranteed amount on maturity based on the number of premiums you pay, pay term and policy term of your choice. You only require to pay a nominal additional premium to provide this extra protection to your savings. Please refer to the brochure for details.
Enhanced returns at maturity through Guaranteed Additions
Your fund value is increased at the end of the policy term by means of Guaranteed Additions. Thus you will receive an amount in addition to your fund value at maturity.
Your Guaranteed Addition amount depends on your policy premium and the combination of premium paying term and policy term you choose. The Guaranteed Additions are applicable only if you have paid all your premiums.
Tax Benefit
You enjoy tax benefits under Section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 under this plan.
Plan Summary
Your Age at Entry18 to 50 years
Premium paying term and Policy term combinations ( referred as pay/term)Your three options are : 10 pay/ 10 term, 10 pay/20 term and 20 pay/20 term
Your Child’s age at entry
Children upto the age of 21 years .
The 10 pay/10 term option is not applicable where the child is below 8 years
Savings PremiumRs. 10,000 or more annually
Sum Assured6 times of annual savings premium
Investment OptionsLifeCycle Option: Your premiums will be invested between Maximiser (100% equity) and Income Advantage (100% debt) in a predetermined proportion based your risk profile and age at the time of investment
Guaranteed Option: Your money will be solely invested in the investment fund Enhancer
Please refer to brochure for details on funds
Maturity BenefitYou will receive the Fund Value plus Guaranteed Addition. In case of Guaranteed Option, you receive higher of Guaranteed Maturity Benefit and Fund Value ,plus Guaranteed Addition



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