Birla Sunlife Insurance Guaranteed Bachat Plan

BSLI Guaranteed Bachat Plan

When you plan for the future, you would like to be sure that your plans will not fall through due to financial market uncertainties or other factors that are out of your control.BSLI’s Guaranteed Bachat Plan is a regular savings plan which offers you a guaranteed amount on maturity, and more. This plan assures protection for you and your family as well.

Our Guaranteed Bachat Plan is a means to a comfortable and secure future.

Guaranteed future returns and more
BSLI’s Guaranteed Bachat Plan offers you a Guaranteed Maturity Benefit which is the sum of all the base premiums that you pay. You receive guaranteed returns on maturity along with the growth in your savings. The Guaranteed Maturity Benefit is based on your current age and policy term. So the younger you are, and the longer you remain with the policy, the greater your returns will be.
Watch your savings grow with freedom to access it
You enjoy an additional survival benefit which is added to your savings at the end of every policy year, from 3rd year onwards. This adds up to form your accumulated survival benefits. Not only do your savings grow, they provide you with the freedom to withdraw cash or offset future premiums. The accumulated survival benefit is payable on maturity, surrender or death.The minimum amount for cash withdrawals is Rs. 2,500, and future premiums can be offset subject to your accumulated survival benefits being higher than your annual premium.
Guaranteeing a tension free life
BSLI Guaranteed Bachat Plan provides protection for your family assuring you a tension free life. We award you an increase in your existing cover at every policy anniversary, by an amount equaling your annual base premium. The minimum life cover would be five times the annual base premium.
More benefits
The Early Exit Option: An option to exit early is available, if you require it. This reduces your Guaranteed Maturity Benefit and returns the same along with your accumulated survival benefit.The Surrender Benefit: If at any time you wish to surrender your policy, your policy will acquire a surrender benefit, as long as you have paid your premiums for 3 full years. If you surrender your policy before 10 policy years are complete, you will still receive an amount equal to the base premiums paid, multiplied by a percentage, along with your accumulated survival benefits.

Availability of Loans: Obtain a loan against your policy once you have paid your premiums for 3 full years. The minimum loan granted would be Rs. 5,000 and the maximum – upto 90% of the surrender benefit. An interest rate as declared by us from time to time would be charged on the outstanding loan.

Plan Summary
Entry Age30 days to 60 years
Policy TermMinimum: 10 years
Maximum: 70 years – entry age
(Subject to a maximum of 40 years)
PremiumsMinimum: Rs. 3,600 per annum
Maximum: Rs. 8,400 per annum
You can choose your annual base premiums only in multiples of Rs. 1,200
Premium Paying frequencyAnnually, half yearly, quarterly or monthly, as per your convenience
Tax BenefitUnder Section 80C and 10(10D)
Premium and Survival Benefit BandsExplained below
Survival BenefitAnnual Base BandSurvival Benefit Premium Range
Band 1Rs. 3,600 – Rs. 4,800Base Survival Benefit
Band 2Rs. 6,000 – Rs. 8,40015% extra over Survival Benefit


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