Birla Sunlife Insurance Dream Retirement Plan

BSLI Dream Retirement Plan

Through your working life you give your family the best and save for your retirement years. You wish to live your Golden Years in the same comfort and life style as before. Presenting BSLI Dream Retirement Plan, a plan that gives you the confidence and freedom to keep pace with the ever changing world of your dreams for your Golden Years.

The Guaranteed Savings Date

BSLI Dream Retirement Plan guarantees that you receive no less than the chosen Basic Sum Assured on the Guaranteed Savings Date.
Your Guaranteed Savings Fund will continue to grow at a minimum rate of 3% per annum less policy charges and less any partial withdrawals. All Basic Premiums, net of an investment guarantee charge, paid by you are invested in the Enhancer Fund.

Enhancing Your Benefits

You may wish to enhance your financial security by choosing Enhanced Sum Assured. The Enhanced SA Premium as applicable will be invested, net of investment guarantee charge, in the Enhancer Fund thus augmenting your Basic Fund Value. You may also opt for Enhanced Savings Premiums, which increases your savings. The Enhanced Savings Premiums are invested under the Self-Managed Option in our range of ten well established investment funds ranging from 100% debt to 100% equity to suit your particular need and risk appetite – Income Advantage, Assure, Protector, Builder, Enhancer, Creator, Magnifier, Maximiser, Multiplier and Super 20. You will retain the freedom to reallocate your investments and re-direct your future Enhanced Savings Premiums between these funds based on your choice. The Pre-Retirement Benefit
You may choose to receive a monthly benefit equal to 5% of your Basic Sum Assured annually prior to the Guaranteed Savings date by selecting either a 5-year or 10-year Enhanced Pre-Retirement Benefit. You may encash each Enhanced Pre-Retirement Benefit, at any time, once vested and after completing three policy years.

Choose Your Pay Term

Besides the regular premium pay option, you can choose from a single
pay option or short pay options of 5-Pay, 10-Pay, 15-Pay or 20-Pay as per your convenience.

Guaranteed Additions Benefit

You will receive a Guaranteed Addition equal to 2% of your average Basic Fund Value recorded in the last 60 months at the end of 10th year and every 5th year subsequent to that. These will be in the form of additional units allocated to your fund. In case you have chosen to augment your savings through Enhanced Savings Premium, the Guaranteed Additions will be paid on your Fund Value (Basic Fund Value plus Enhanced Fund Value).

Death Benefit

In the unfortunate demise of the life insured during the policy term, the nominee will receive the higher of Basic Sum Assured or the Fund Value (Basic Fund Value plus Enhanced Fund Value, if any). The nominee will also receive the Enhanced Sum Assured, if chosen, for death of the life insured prior to the Guaranteed Savings Date.

Other Benefits

Partial Withdrawals

You can make partial withdrawals after you have completed three policy years as long as the amount withdrawn is more than Rs.5,000 and the amount left in your fund is equal to at least one annual policy premium plus any surrender charges. Please note that the Basic Sum Assured is reduced by any partial withdrawal made till the Guaranteed Savings Date.

Such withdrawals also impact the Death Benefit as follows:
• For life insured under 60 years, Basic Sum Assured is reduced by the partial withdrawals done in the last two years

• For life insured over 60 years, the Basic Sum Assured is reduced by the partial withdrawals done after the age of 58

Surrender Benefits

You can surrender your policy and receive your Fund Value (Basic Fund Value plus Enhanced Fund Value if any) less applicable surrender charges. There are no surrender charges after the completion of 5 policy years. If you surrender the policy prior to the 3rd policy year, your surrender benefit will be kept constant and deferred for payment to the end of the 3rd policy year.

Please go through our brochure to understand the surrender charges in detail.

Plan Summary
Policy TermWhole life
Entry Age18 to 45 years | 18 to 50 years | 18 to 55 years | 18 to 60 years
Guaranteed Savings DateTo age 55 | To age 60 | To age 65 | To age 70
Pay TermSingle pay | Short pay – 5, 10, 15, 20 years
| Guaranteed Savings Date
Basic Sum AssuredMinimum Rs. 3,00,000, subject to minimum
Basic Premium Rs. 10,000
Enhanced Sum AssuredMinimum Rs. 50,000, subject to maximum of
30 years to Guaranteed Savings Date
Enhanced Savings PremiumMinimum Rs. 5,000
Tax Benefits Under section 80C and section 10(10D) of the Income Tax act, 1961


Download its brochure here.


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