Bharti-AXA Life Insurance Wealth Confident Plan

Unit Link Insurance Plan – Wealth Confident

Your wealth, your status ensures that you get preferential status wherever you go. So why shouldn’t your money get the same?

WealthConfident, a unit-linked investment cum protection product, with its limited period premium payment facility of 5 years, premium payment flexibility, higher allocation of your premium for investment, unique special additions and life insurance benefit, not only makes your money grow but also provides your investment the special treatment that it deserves.

Be confident of providing your investments the right mix of growth, flexibility and loyalty benefits. Live confident with WealthConfident.”

Key Benefits:

  • Pay premium for five years, while your policy continues for ten years.
  • Higher allocation of your premium up to 88% for investment.
  • Special additions of units added every year from 6th Year for incremental wealth creation.
  • Choose from four different investment funds to meet your financial objectives.
  • Five times the life cover of your annual premium.
  • Tax benefit under 80C and 10(10D).

Why should you buy this plan?

WealthConfident is a suitable product for you, if your key objective is to potentially maximize your wealth to fulfill your future financial objectives such as child’s higher education, building a retirement kitty, asset creation, etc.

The limited premium payment term of 5 years for a 10 year policy, also suits your requirements of premium payment flexibility.

Being a unit-linked plan, it also suits your requirement of earning potentially higher returns by assuming the appropriate risks.

Download its brochure here.


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