SBI Life Insurance – Swadhan Plan

Happiness and security for your family is what you want. However life has its uncertainties and risks. All that you’re interested in is how best to afford a secure future for your loved one
Have you ever wished for a low premium insurance policy that not only provides security to your loved ones but also returns back the premium paid.
Key Features:
Protection at affordable premium.
Guaranteed refund of basic premium paid on Survival at the end of the term, depending upon the term of the policy.
Life cover comes to you at no cost**
Tax benefit u/s 80 C and 10 (10 D) of IT Act*
5% rebate for Female lives
Rebate on High Sum Assured
Flexible benefit premium paying mode
Free look period of 15 days
*Please consult your tax advisor for details.
** Conditions Apply
Product type:
It’s a Traditional Term Assurance Policy with refund of part/total basic premium paid at the end of the term to the policyholder.
How does it work?
You can take a cover ranging from 5-10 years. In the unfortunate event of death, the nominee would receive the entire sum assured as a lump sum payment.
If you survive the entire term, you would be eligible to a refund of premiums depending upon the term of policy. For example, if your policy is for 5 years, you’d be eligible for refund of 50% of the total premiums paid; for 6 years, the refund would be 60%, and so on. Hence , if you’ve taken a policy for 10 years, you’d receive 100% of your premiums back as refund.
MATURITY BENEFIT: If you survive for the entire term of the plan, you would be eligible to a refund of the premiums depending upon the term of the policy.
Term %age of Basic Premium refunded
5 years50%
6 years60%
7 years70%
8 years80%
9 years90%
10 years100%
DEATH BENEFIT : In the event of claim, your nominee would receive full Sum Assured.
What is the policy term?
Minimum YearsMaximum Years
5 years10 years
Who can buy this product?
Minimum entry age18 years
Minimum entry age55 years
What is the sum assured?
Sum Assured:
Minimum Sum Assured:Rs. 3,00,000 (in multiple of Rs. 10,000)
Maximum Sum Assured:Rs.1 Crore
Riders available
No riders available.

Download SBI Life Swadhan Brochure here.


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