SBI Life Insurance – Money Back Plan

As an individual your life is fueled by dreams. You experience different special moments in life like wedding, birth of a child, child’s education or purchasing a new home. You have to be financially prepared for these special moments. What you need is easy liquidity at regular intervals with life insurance protection to take care of these special moments.
Key Features:
The plan has a number of moneyback options specially suited to your needs.
The cover is available at competitive premium rates.
It has guaranteed cash inflows which can meet your various financial obligations.
In addition to normal death cover, the plan also provides you 4 additional covers.
Product type:
It is a Traditional Saving Plan with added advantage of life cover and guaranteed cash inflow at regular intervals.
How does it work?
SBI Life Money Back is a saving plan with added advantage of life cover and cash inflow at regular intervals. This plan is designed for individuals who want to plan for various financial obligations at specified times in life.
Term of the Plan Guaranteed Survival Benefit payable Cumulative Guaranteed Survival Benefit
10 YearsThe last 3 years on the term110% of Basic Sum Assured
15 YearsAfter every 3 years on the term115% of Basic Sum Assured
20 YearsAfter every 4 years on the term120% of Basic Sum Assured
25 YearsAfter every 5 years on the term125% of Basic Sum Assured
Death Benefit:
In the unfortunate event of death during the term of the plan, the nominee will receive Sum Assured + Vested Bonuses, (accrued till the date of death),
No deductions are made from the claim amount for the Survival Benefits already paid. Exclusions applicable to the Basic Cover:
Suicide within the first year
Other Optional Benefits:
  • SBI Life – Term Assurance Rider:
    The benefit under the Term Assurance Rider is payable in addition to death benefit.
  • SBI Life – Accidental Death and Accidental Total Permanent Disability Rider    – In case of death due to an accident, the nominee gets the additional rider Sum Assured.
    – If the policyholder is involved in an accident, resulting in total permanent disability, he/she will get Sum    Assured under this rider in 10 equal annual installments; He/she will exit from all the rider covers    thereafter, but continue to be covered for basic cover on receipt of further premium due, if any.
  • SBI Life – Premium Waiver Benefit Rider: Under this rider the policy holder need not pay future premiums for the base product, if he/she suffers    from total and permanent disability due to an accident after the rider is opted for.
  • SBI Life – Critical Illness Rider: On diagnosis of any of the 6 critical illnesses (depending on the C.I. cover you have opted for) and you    survive for more than 30 days from diagnosis; the Critical Illness Cover Amount is paid in a lumpsum.    No more claims will be admitted under this cover. The Basic policy remains in force for all the other    benefits.
Tax Benefit:
 SBI Life Money Back Plan enjoys Tax benefit u/s 80 C and 10 (10 D) of IT Act*
Premiums paid for Critical Illness Benefit qualify for tax exemption under Sec 80D*
What is the policy term?
Minimum YearsMaximum Years
10 years25 years
Who can buy this product?
Eligibility Criteria
Option 1:
Term 10 Years
Option 2:
Term 15 Years
Option 3:
Term 20 Years
Option 4:
Term 25 Years
Minimum age at entry15151515
Maximum age at entry60555045
What is the sum assured?
Rs. 50,000 (and multiples of Rs. 10,000 thereafter)Rs.5 Crore.
Riders Available
  • SBI Life – Term Assurance Rider
  • SBI Life – Accidental Death & TPD Rider
  • SBI Life – Critical Illness Rider
  • SBI Life – Premium Waiver Benefit Rider

Download SBI Life Insurance – Money Back Plan Brochure here.


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