Max New York Life Unit Builder Plus

To keep up with busy times and increasing responsibilities, Max New York Life introduces Unit Builder Plus. It brings the convenience of Limited Premium Payment by paying only for 10 years for a 20 year term.

Through Guaranteed Loyalty additions of 100% of ATP in year 10 it helps you achieve your financial goal. Additional Guaranteed Loyalty Additions of 25% of ATP supplement your income through year 11 to 20. As your responsibilities increase so does your cover through PACE, from year 2 to year 10.

Eligibility Criteria

Entry Age7 years- 55 years
Maximum Maturity age (Life Insured)75 years
Policy Term20 years
Premium Payment Term10 years( Limited)
Premium Payment TermLevel: Premium remains stable
Increasing: Increasing [email protected] 5% each year with increase in Sum Assured.
Minimum ATP allowed:Rs. 12,000
Maximum ATP allowed:Rs. 50,000
Sum AssuredATP * 10(fixed)

Maturity Benefit
Fund Value which would also include Guaranteed Loyalty Additions of (350% of ATP during the entire policy term).
Settlement Option
On Maturity you can take your entire money in a lump-sum or opt for a settlement option wherein:

  • You will receive periodical payments
  • Policy will continue without Death benefit upto a maximum of 5 years, where it will continue to be invested.
Death Benefit
    • Immediate payout of attained Sum Assured+ Fund Value:

Level: PACE, increase in sum assured by 1 ATP each year from year 2 to year 10

Increasing: Sum assured to increase by 5% each year from year 2 to year 10

  • Progressive Automatic Cover Enhancement each year from 2 nd year to 10 th year by the amount of 1 ATP
  • Guaranteed Loyalty Additions in 10 th year of 100% of ATP
  • Annual Income through Guaranteed Loyalty Additions of 25% of ATP each year from year 11 to 20
  • 7 Investment Options to customize the plan according to your risk appetite and milestones

You have the choice of any of the 7 expertly managed funds to direct your investments in any one or more of the following funds of the company.

FundsAsset Types
Government SecuritiesCorporate Bonds (Investment Grade)Money Market and Cash InstrumentsEquity
Growth Super0-20%0-20%0-30%70-100%
Dynamic Opportunities0-100%0-100%0-40%0-100%
Money MarketNilNil100%Nil


Dynamic Fund Allocation

  • Standardized and Systematic approach of maintaining debt-equity ratio throughout the policy term
  • Strikes right balance between risk and return with respect to age of policy holder
  • Hassle Free Investment (Allocation, Switches, Redirection are taken care of)
  • Hedge against capital erosion in the later years
  • Ideal feature for less savvy investors



  • Existing investment can be moved in totality or in a certain proportion to one or more funds from the current one
  • 12 free switches/policy year

Premium Redirection:

  • Modify the flow of future investments, different from the existing pattern.
  • 12 free redirections/policy year

Partial Withdrawals:

  • 12 free partial withdrawals/policy year
  • Can be made anytime post completion of 3 years
  • Maximum: 20% of Fund Value -Fund Value cannot be less than 1.5 times Initial ATP

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