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Life is full of uncertainties. Nothing is guaranteed. How can you overcome these uncertainties and be more in control of your life and your surroundings? Max New York Life presents a unique plan to take care of all your uncertainities that has not just one guarantee but is loaded with a bouquet of powerful guaranteed benefits! Presenting Max New York Life Secure Dreams, a unique plan that guarantees your family’s future, your future income and a whole lot more! What more could you want from a plan?

We have designed Secure Dreams to protect you and your family financially. The plan aims at safeguarding your hard earned money through safe investments, but ensuring that your money grows over time. As we understand that convenience matters to you, we offer this plan without you undergoing any medical tests. The unique policy continuance feature with premium funding ensures that the dreams you have weaved for your loved ones become a reality even if you are not there tomorrow. The flexibility to choose the period of coverage takes care of the goal or life stage for which you want to plan. The plan gives you an opportunity to save big for your long term objectives, even with a little but disciplined savings.

Eligibility Criteria
Entry age of Life insured21 years to 55 years, age as at last birthday
Maximum Maturity age of Life Insured66 years
Policy termPick a term between 11 years- 20 years
Premium paying termEqual to policy term
Minimum Annual PremiumRs.15,000
Maximum Annual Premium(depending upon the age of Life insured)Upto 40 years: Rs. 2,00,00041 years to 55 years: Rs. 1,00,000
Premium Payment ModesAnnual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly
Sum Assured10 times Annual Premium
Guaranteed Returns
  • Monthly Interest Credits with a minimum guaranteed rate.
Guaranteed Policy Continuance with Funding
  • Policy continues after death of life insured with regular Premium Funding.
Guaranteed Policy Issuance
  • No Medicals, policy issuance basis declaration of good health in the proposal form.
Guaranteed Living Benefits
  • Loyalty Bonus added to the policy in each of last 5 policy years.
Guaranteed Protection
  • 10 times of Annual Premium paid on death of life insured, option to add on Personal Accidental Benefit rider.
Death Benefit
  • As you have planned for this contingent event, incase the life insured dies we will immediately pay the sum assured equal to 10 times of the annual premium.
  • The policy shall continue to be in existence as it is and all the future premiums will be funded by the company.
  • The loyalty additions will also be credited while the policy is on a premium funding mode.
  • On actual maturity date of the policy, the maturity value will be paid to the nominee.
Living Benefit
  • The plan offers Loyalty additions @ 10% of the annual premium and shall be credited to your account on each of the last 5 policy anniversaries provided the policy is in force and all due premiums have been paid.
  • The loyalty additions as and when credited enhance the account value and the interest is credited on the enhanced account value, thereby making is a double benefit.
Maturity Benefit
  • The plan matures as per the policy term chosen. The account value at the time of maturity is payable to the policyholder and the contract ends. Please note that the account value at maturity will at least be a value considering that the interest credits have happened at the rate of 3.5% throughout the policy term. This value will also reflect in the benefit illustration under the guaranteed benefits column.
Tax Benefits
This plan may entitle you to certain tax benefits on your premiums as well as on your maturity value.
  • U/s 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961 on your premiums.
  • U/s 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act 1961 on your maturity proceeds of the policy.

Please note that if the premium paid in a financial year exceeds 20% of the Sum Assured, 10 (10D) benefit will not be available and 80C benefit will not be available for the premium exceeding 20% of the Sum Assured under the current tax laws.

The premiums collected in this plan will only be invested in government securities and highly rated corporate bonds in a proportion as decided by the company from time to time. These investments will ensure that your money is safe and secure and at least earns a minimum guaranteed interest credit at 3.5% per annum, while we work towards maximizing your investment returns. The returns earned on the overall investments will decide on the rate of interest to be credited to the policyholders. It means that even if in future the interest rates drop, Max New York Life will honor the commitment of crediting at least as per the minimum guaranteed rate to all the eligible policyholders.

Declared interest crediting rate @ 6.5% p.a. for Jan – Mar ‘ 10**

**The interest crediting rate is only applicable for Jan – Mar ‘ 10 and is subject to change thereafter

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