Kotak Life Insurance Capital Multiplier Plan

Have you ever wished for an endowment plan that offers bonuses every year, along with the facility to increase your investment and to withdraw your money, as and when you want to, over a 15-year period post-maturity.
 This plan is ideal for you…
The Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan is the only plan of its kind that allows you to enjoy returns even beyond maturity. This plan is best suited for you…

  • If you are looking for an investment plan for your child and want a flexible money-back plan that gives you the power to decide the amount and time of withdrawals.
  • If you are planning for your retirement and require a plan that allows you to withdraw any amount as per your need and at the same time invests your money prudently to get you bonuses on the balance in your account.
  • If you think that from time to time you will have extra cash, which you would like to invest in an instrument which is safe and which will get you attractive returns.
  • Freedom of extending the policy term beyond the maturity date
  • Additional 10% life-cover over and above the original life-cover throughout the policy term
  • Get a free ATM card to withdraw your maturity proceeds with ease
  • Accumulate more through the bonuses declared regularly by the company
  • Invest your surplus monies top-up premium
 Key Features
Maturity Benefit
This is a participating plan and you are entitled to the higher of the basic sum assured or the Accumulation Account on maturity along with the balance in the Supplementary Accumulation Account.
Early maturity benefits available after at least 3 years
The higher of Guaranteed Cash value* and Special Cash value^ plus the higher of Guaranteed Cash Value in respect of lump sum injections and the Special Cash Value in respect of lump sum injections.
Ill health Early Maturity Benefits
Higher of Guaranteed Cash Value* and Accumulation Account plus Higher of Guaranteed Cash Value in respect of Lump sum Injections and Supplementary Accumulation Account.*Guaranteed Cash Value = 30% of all the premiums paid excluding the first year’s premium and additional premium, if any. The value of the bonus will be included in cash value.
Death Benefit
During the build-up phase
In the event of unfortunate death, your beneficiary would get the higher of basic sum assured (less premiums due but not paid) or Accumulation Account. In addition, 10% of the basic sum assured and the higher of all lump sum injections made and the Supplementary Accumulation Account will also be paid.During the withdrawal phase
In the event of unfortunate death, your beneficiary would get 10% of the basic sum assured upto 75 years of life assured’s age and the balance in the Accumulation Account (into which the Supplementary Accumulation Account is added).
Top-Up Premiums
In case you have any surplus funds you may invest them at anytime in the policy. This facility of lump sum injections allows you to augment your savings in the build-up phase, in addition to the regular premiums. A Supplementary Accumulation Account is created to hold these lump sums. Funds in Top-Up Account continue to earn bonus at the same rate as that of the Accumulation Account.
15 year withdrawal period
If you do not see any immediate utilization of your maturity proceeds, you could let it stay invested with us for a maximum of 15 years after the maturity of the plan and it could function like a fixed deposit offering returns and liquidity to withdraw all your funds.In the event that you do not withdraw the entire amount, you can leave behind the full amount or at least 50% of the Accumulation Account balance. You may make one or more partial withdrawals each year, for the next 15 years or till the age of 75, whichever is earlier. You can withdraw amounts as per your need; subject to an upper limit of 25% of the Net Vesting Value (NVV). The NVV is the basic sum assured or Accumulation Account, whichever is higher after deducting the immediate withdrawals on the date of maturity.

At anytime during this post maturity phase, you still have the flexibility to withdraw funds in full and terminate the policy.

Additional Life Cover
In the build-up phase there is an additional life cover of 10% of the basic sum assured and of the Critical Illness Benefit, if opted for. This 10% cover continues even in the withdrawal phase for a period of 15 years or till you reach the age of 75, whichever is earlier.
Automatic Cover Maintenance
In case you miss your premium payment, Automatic Cover Maintenance facility will ensure that your insurance cover is in force. This facility is available after 3 completed policy years.
Rider Benefits
You can choose from any of the following riders:

  • Term / Preferred Term Benefit (KTB – UIN No: 107C003V02, KPTB – UIN No: 107C013V01)
  • Accidental Death Benefit (ADB – UIN No: 107C001V01)
  • Permanent Disability Benefit (PDB – UIN No: 107C002V01)
  • Critical Illness Benefit (CIB – UIN No: 107C004V02)
  • Life Guardian Benefit (LGB – UIN No: 107C012V01)
  • Accidental Disability Guardian Benefit (ADGB – UIN No: 107C011V01)

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