Birla Sunlife Insurance Freedom58 Plan

BSLI Freedom 58 Plan

At retirement, though, your income stops but your expenses don’t. You need to have a plan that ensures that you have enough savings so that, during retirement, you do not face financial stress and continue enjoying the same lifestyle as you did before.Presenting BSLI Freedom 58 plan that gives you the freedom to create your own retirement strategy for your savings or entrust them on our expertise. At the end of it, what you would have is a retirement corpus that will not only help you take care of your regular expenses but also fulfill your dreams and aspirations.
Choosing Your Investment Strategy
Whether you like to manage your own portfolio or you would rather hand over the responsibility to an expert – BSLI Freedom 58 provides you with both the options.The two investment options available to you under BSLI Freedom 58 are:Self Managed option – You can invest your premiums in our range of ten well established investment funds ranging from 100% debt to 100% equity to suit your particular need and risk appetite – Income Advantage, Assure, Protector, Builder, Enhancer, Creator, Magnifier, Maximiser, Multiplier and Super 20. You will retain the freedom to reallocate your investments between these funds based on your choice.

Life Cycle option – We manage your funds for you on the basis of your age and risk profile (which may be Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive). Naturally, as you grow older, we alter your portfolio of investment so that it continues to be suitable for your age and risk profile. Illustration of investment in the Maximiser fund with the balance invested in the Income Advantage fund.

Illustration of investment in Maximiser fund with the balance invested in Income Advantage fund.

Illustration of investment in the Maximiser fund with the balance invested in the Income Advantage fund.

AgeConservativeRisk Profile ModerateAggressive
18 – 3050%70%90%
31 – 4040%60%80%
41 – 5030%50%70%
51 – 6015%35%55%
61 – 700%20%40%
71 +0%5%25%
This portfolio strategy automatically switches from riskier assets to safer assets progressively, as the vesting date approaches.
Free of Charge Partial Withdrawals
With Freedom 58, you enjoy free of charge unlimited partial withdrawals after three complete policy years. Now, you need not get stressed with sudden financial exigency.
Top-up Premiums to Enhance Savings
Freedom 58 gives you the option of enhancing your savings by paying top-up premium whenever you can. By means of top-up premiums, you can enhance your savings and ensure that you have a substantial retirement corpus at the vesting age.
Plan Summary
Entry AgeMinimum – 18 Years
Maximum -75 Years
Minimum Accumulation Phase5 Years
Partial WithdrawalsUnlimited partial withdrawals after 3 completed policy years – free of charge. Minimum partial withdrawal amount is Rs. 5000/-
Vesting BenefitVesting Benefit is the Fund Value. On vesting you have the option to withdraw 1/3 Fund Value tax free & utilize the rest to purchase annuity with BSLI/any other insurer OR utilize the entire Fund Value to purchase annuity from BSLI or any other insurer
Switching under Self Managed PortfolioAllowed
Tax BenefitUnder Section 80CCC and Section 10 (10A) of the Income Tax Act, 1961
SurrenderNo surrender charge after 5 completed policy years

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