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Bharti-AXA Life Insurance – Dream Life Pension Plan

Dream Life Pension, Bharti AXA Life Insurance’s unique pension product ensures that your retirement life is your Dream Life.

Live your Dreams! Be Life Confident.!

Key Benefits:

  • Unmatched flexibility for retirement wealth creation
    • Pay one time lump sum or regular premiums
    • At the inception systematically increase your premiums by 5 % or 8% each year with the Accumulator Option
    • Increase/decrease premiums any time after the 2nd policy year
    • Add top up premiums any number of times after the 1st policy year
  • Dream Life Pension enhances your retirement kitty by providing special addition, starting from the end of 10th policy year
  • Change your planned retirement age any time during the policy term
  • Obtain tax benefits as per the prevailing tax laws on the premiums paid and the benefits received under the policy.

Download its brochure here.

Annuity – Return of Capital

Bharti AXA Life Insurance presents “Immediate Annuity” product, to help secure your golden years. At your vesting age, you have an option to buy annuity from Bharti AXA Life Insurance or any other annuity provider in India. Download its brochure here.

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