How to view your Aegon Religare policy details online?

Ever wanted to know the policy details of your Aegon Religare life insurance – like fund value, online premium payment, tax certificate etc.?

Here are the simple steps to follow to do so.


Click on and choose “Register Now” button at the bottom.



Step 2

Once you click on Register button, you’ll get screen like this:

Now, this form is simple to fill-up. You just need your policy number, policy issuance date (it is also called date of commencement) and date of birth of policy owner. All these information can be found in your policy bond.

Fill the required information and click on Proceed button.


Now, you’ll get screen like this:

On this screen, you need to create userid and password by filling up the simple form.

And finally click on Proceed button.

That’s all. You’ve completed all the steps and you’ll get confirmation screen like above. You’ll also get your sin-in information in your email Inbox.

Note: The above procedure is very simple to follow. Still, if you’ve any problem in registration, you can contact customer care department of Aegon Religare life insurance department at 1800-209-9090 or email them at [email protected]


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