Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 18-Apr-2013


1.Religare FMP Series XIII Plan E (13M): Dividend Declaration

Religare Mutual Fund has announced dividend under the dividend option of Religare FMP Series XIII Plan E (13M). The quantum of dividend shall be the entire distributable surplus as on record date. The record date has been fixed as April 23, 2013.



2.Mutual funds in selling mode. Outflow of Rs 103.20 crore on 16 April 2013

Mutual funds sold shares worth a net Rs 103.20 crore on Tuesday, 16 April 2013, compared with inflow of Rs 47.80 crore on Monday, 15 April 2013.
The net outflow of Rs 103.20 crore on 16 April 2013 was a result of gross purchases Rs 346 crore and gross sales Rs 449.20 crore. The S&P BSE Sensex had jumped 387.13 points or 2.11% to settle at 18,744.93 on that day, its highest closing level since 3 April 2013.
Mutual funds have sold shares worth net Rs 242.40 crore in April 2013 so far (till 16 April 2013).


3.Tata Short Term Bond Fund announces change in exit load

Tata Mutual Fund has announced change in exit load under Tata Short Term Bond Fund (all plans & options) with effect from 18 April 2013. These changes will be applicable to lumpsum subscriptions & subscriptions under Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)/Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) submitted on or after 18 April 2013. Accordingly the revised exit load will be0.50% of NAV if redeemed on or before expiry of 9 months from the date of allotment.

News Source – NAV INDIA.

4.Axis Short-term Fund: Revision of Exit Load

Axis Mutual Fund has revised the exit load under Axis Short-term Fund with effect from April 22, 2013. The revised exit load will be 0.50% if redeemed within 3 months from the date of allotment. Presently, it is being charged at 0.50% if redeemed within 6 months from the date of allotment.


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