How to find MICR code and IFSC code in Cheque?

MICR code and/or IFSC code of your bank are required at many instances. From registering your SIP in mutual funds or insurance policy to NEFT/RTGS funds transfer via internet. You must know these 2 codes accurately. If you enter it wrong, you might transfer the funds to wrong beneficiary account and your bank is not liable for that loss.

There are many websites, including ,where you can get IFSC and MICR code of all banks of India. This is useful if you need to transfer the money to someone’s else account and you need details apart from bank account number.





But do you know if you want tis information for your own bank account, it’s already on your cheque book?

Below is the sample cheque leave from Punjab National Bank, showing 9 digit MICR code and IFSC code.

Note: MICR code is always a 9 digit code at the bottom of the cheque – just after the cheque no.

Different bank shows IFSC code at different places. Some near a/c number and some shows it near branch address or at top. But it is always there.

Note: If you’re looking for IFSC or MICR code of any other bank branch, you may get the same on

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  1. Dear, sir/maam
    i want to know that why micr last 3 digit branch code n ifsc 6 digit branch code is different.
    as we all know that they both Are related to the branchs code ??

  2. Dear Sir,
    Additionally, I would like to add this for the sake of readers:

    The first 3 digits in the MICR code denotes CIty code, the next three the Bank’s code and the last three 3 digits
    it is branch code.

    Kudos to your effort in your endeavour,