10 tips to handle your Bank Locker

1. Read all the documents carefully before signing the application form for locker.

2. Make sure that the bank has imposed proper security measures in bank like CCTV, alarm system, Iron-gate etc. to safeguard your locker contents.

3. Banks have zero liability in case the contents of your locker gets destroyed or lost in any way including fire and theft or natural calamity.

4. Check the contents of your locker at least once in a month.

5. Open the locker when the bank employee leaves the locker room.

6. Make sure to have joint account with your trusted family member or make him/her nominee.

7. Do not buy Gold and put in locker. Instead buy Gold ETF in your demat account.

8. Before keeping important documents in locker, keep their their photocopy and/or scanned copy in a separate hard-disk or pen-drive.

9. It's better to keep your contents inside some metallic box like iron box to prevent loss due to theft.

10. Make a list of items and photographs you are storing in the locker along with relevant particulars about the locker and store it somewhere safely. Mentioning it to your will document might be a good idea.

10 tips to handle your Bank Locker
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