Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 07-Nov-2012


1.Peerless Mutual fund declares dividends.

Peerless Mutual Fund has declared dividend under the quarterly Dividend Option of Peerless Income Plus Fund (an open ended debt scheme). The record date for dividend was November 2, 2012. The gross dividend was Rs. 0.1800 per unit for Quarterly Dividend Option as on the record date, net of which will be tax free in the hands of investors. Dividend is being declared on the face value of Rs.10/- per unit. The Ex-Dividend NAV of Peerless Income Plus Fund – Quarterly Dividend option as on November 2, 2012, is Rs. 10.4172, after considering the Dividend Payout and statutory levies, if any.




2.SEBI's International Advisory Board suggests uniform tax treatment for pension funds.

The International Advisory Board (IAB), in its second meeting held on November 03, 2012, in Mumbai, suggested a need for uniform tax treatment of retirement related investments and the need for a boost to the development of annuity industry in India. IAB was set up in September 2011 to guide SEBI in adopting some global practices and emerging developments and challenges in India. The board also discussed the possibility of regulating analysts who provide their services for a fee under the proposed Investment Advisor Regulations of SEBI. For other analysts, the board suggested bringing a separate set of guidelines.

News Source – CAFEMUTUAL.

Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 07-Nov-2012
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