Will your chequebook be valid after December 31, 2012?

As per RBI guidelines, there have been certain changes made to the cheques issued by the Bank. However, these changes are available only in chequebooks issued after August 2011. If you have obtained the chequebook prior to this, the cheques will not be valid after December 31, 2012. 


If the cheques you currently hold have the following features, they will be valid after the given date.

  • "Please sign above" is mentioned on cheque leaf on the lower right-hand side.
  • A wave like design is embossed on the left-hand side of Cheque leaf




General Format:


Below is the new sample cheque format from HDFC Bank.

New Sample cheque format of ICICI Bank

Additionally, any post-dated cheques issued by you and due after December 31, 2012 will need to be replaced by the fresh cheques meeting the above mentioned guidelines. 

Please contact your bank branch for new cheque book.


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