Latest Indian Commodity News | 09-Oct-2012

  • Crude Tanks Near $88 In Intraday Moves Before Recovering
  • Economic Buzz: German Industrial Production Drops In August
  • OECD Leading Indicator Drops Further, Major Economies Reflect Continued Slowdown
  • Chana Surges On Strong Festival Demand
  • Wheat Swells On Weak Production Scenario In The Current Season
  • Mustard seed Rises On Strong Crushing Demand
  • Chilli Touches New Contract Lows On Fresh Supplies In Madhya Pradesh
  • Increase In Shanghai On-Warrants Indicative Of Lower Demand Of Metals
  • Local Gold Prices Recover On Weak Rupee
  • Markets Speak: Zinc In Contango As Demand Slays In Short Term
  • Economic Buzz: German Foreign Trade Shrinks, Exports Take Hit Of 2.4%
Latest Indian Commodity News | 09-Oct-2012
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