Latest Commodity News | 06-Oct-2012

  • IMF to cut global growth forecast next week: report
  • Chilli Closes Down As Fails To Hold Above Rs 5300 Levels
  • Cardamom Ends Up 4% On Heavy Short Covering
  • Turmeric Near Month Drops Sharply
  • Spot Market Update: Pepper Ends Steady In Kochi Mandi
  • Chana Closes Off The Intraday Low
  • Jeera Shoots Up Further On Strong Demand, Weak Arrivals
  • ECB Chairman Comments Don’t Proof Worthy For Metals
  • Spot Market Update: Turmeric Prices Slide In Major Mandis
  • Imported Pulses At Mumbai Port As On 5th October, 2012
  • Rangebound Moves In London Copper
  • Spot Market Update : Soyabean Arrivals At Major Mandies As On 5th October 2012
  • Gold Looses Ground After Recent Gains
  • Spot Market Update: Potato Arrivals Steady In Azadpur Mandi
  • Spot Market Update: Mentha Oil Prices Spike In Major Mandis
  • Spot Market Update: Guar Seed Price Steady In Jodhpur Mandi
  • Oil Dwindles; NPF In Limelight
  • Spot Market Update: Chilli Arrivals Plunge In Guntur Mandi
Latest Commodity News | 06-Oct-2012
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