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  1. I am able to successfully login in http://members.epfoservices.in/index.php.
    But unable to request for pass book.
    “the account number you entered for downloading the passbook is of member having a different name. I case you are sure that you have entered correct account number, click OK to proceed or cancel to go back to and enter the correct number. Please note that if you proceed then another account number under same establishment will not be permitted from this member registration”

    Please guide me what to do.. ??
    Many Thanks in advance.

  2. last year in 2013-14 i worked in saraswati s. mandir mandsaur about 4 months now they r not returning my pf money. they said 4 mnths pf does nt refundable. is their any bad rules u have
    kindly plz rply me i hav submitted epf return form in last june 2014 in school. plz help me to get my epf money. thanks

  3. I have given a request for e passbook and next day I received a SMS that I can download it but its not available so how can I download