Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 14-Aug-2012


1.Peerless MF Declares Dividend Under Peerless Short Term Fund.


Peerless Mutual Fund has declared dividend under the Monthly Dividend Option of Peerless Short Term Fund (an open ended debt scheme). The record date for dividend was 10 August 2012. The gross dividend was Rs. 0.0938 per unit for Monthly Dividend Option, as on the record date. Dividend is being declared on the face value of Rs. 10/- per unit. The Ex-NAV of Peerless Ultra Short Term Fund – Monthly Dividend Option as on 10 August 2012, is Rs. 10.8056, after considering the Dividend Payout and statutory levies, if any.




2.UTI MF Declares Dividend For Fixed Maturity Plan – Half Yearly Series February 2012.


UTI Mutual Fund has announced 17 August 2012 as the record date for declaration of dividend on the face value of Rs. 10 per unit under the dividend option of UTI-Fixed Maturity Plan- Half Yearly Series February 2012 (HFMP 02/12). The quantum of dividend will be 100% of distributable surplus as on record date. The scheme recorded NAV of Rs. 10.1170 per unit as on 9 August 2012. UTI – Fixed Maturity Plan – Half Yearly Series February 2012 is a close ended umbrella income scheme which has the investment objective to seek regular returns by investing in a portfolio of fixed income securities normally maturing in line with the time profile of the plan, thereby enabling the investors to nearly eliminate interest rate risk by remaining invested in the plan till the maturity / final redemption.





3.SEBI asks AMFI to draft pension product guidelines.


SEBI has recently asked AMFI to prepare draft guidelines for pension products. The discussion to launch pension products has been going on in the industry for last four years. But it has not resulted in any concrete step, said a top official from an AMC. Indian fund houses have avoided launching pension funds primarily because they are no tax benefits, as offered by insurance plans. 'If pension products with tax benefit are launched, it will serve as a win-win situation for both AMCs and investors, ' says Sales Head of a top mutual fund company. Currently only UTI and Franklin Templeton have pension products that enjoy tax exemption.

News Source – CAFEMUTUAL.




4.Deutsche MF Unveils DWS Hybrid Fixed Term Fund – Series 8.


Deutsche Mutual Fund has unveiled a new fund named as DWS Hybrid Fixed Term Fund – Series 8, 36 months close ended debt fund. The New Fund Offer (NFO) price for the scheme is Rs. 10 per unit. The new issue will be open for subscription from 16 August and closes on 30 August 2012. The objective of the fund is to generate income by investing in fixed income securities maturing on or before the date of the maturity of the scheme and to generate capital appreciation by investing in equity and equity related instruments. Growth and dividend (regular, quarterly and annual payout) option are offered under the scheme. Entry and exit load charge for the scheme will be nil.


Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 14-Aug-2012
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