How to view your Bajaj Allianz life insurance policy details online?

There are lacs of policy holders of Bajaj Allianz life insurance co.  One of their basic requirement is to see the policy details like its fund value. Here is a simple way to register your policy once on the official website of Bajaj Allianz life insurance co. and that's it.



You will get the screen like this.


Enter your policy no., premium amount and date of birth. Click on Validate button.


Please confirm the address is correct? Y/N

If N kindly enter the correct address and update the same. 

Please enter all the details and submit the form.

Your User id and Password will be mailed to your e-mail id.


Note: Kindly enter the 10 digits policy number (Add "0" before policy number. E.g. 0012345678)


Isn't it simple?

Also, note even after registering your policy via above way, does not authorize you to do financial transactions on website like switching funds, Partial Withdrawal, Address Change  etc. For that, you need to submit 2 forms to the branch, along with required documents. The company will then send you o-pin by courier to do so.

Download o-pin form and legal disclaimer notice from here

Print these forms, fill and signed them and submit to your nearest Bajaj Allianz office with your ID proof and Address proof. 

In case of any problem, you contact contact their customer support department at their toll-free numbers at:


  Bharati Users 1-800-103-7272 Tata Users 1-800-209-7272

  BSNL Users 1-800-233-7272 Reliance Users 1-800-3000-7272

or Send a mail to [email protected]

You can also look at FAQ section at


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  1. Dear sir,

    My name is Gobinda gour from guwahati.I lost my policy long tome ago, how can i receive my policy number?

  2. Sir,
    I Dipak boro my policy number 0072804613 I want to surrender my policy.please tell me what is the refund value of my policy.

  3. please let me know about the policy status of my daughter policy no; 0317154075. I have already paid premium in the year 2017 at DUMDUM branch. But your company has used to send message ” your policy has lapsed pl pay your premium”. what is the matter?

  4. My Policy Status
    miss shruti priya

  5. Sir, I applied for registration of my email ID for getting statement of account of my Policies but I could not get the same. I again requested to register my Email ID. Details of my Policies are as under :-

    (a) Policy No. 0139365724 (Unit gain Protection Plus).
    (b) Policy No. 0145406985 (Max Gain).
    (c) Policy No. 0149448382 (Shield Plus)

    • Dileep, you can not register your email-id like this on net. Kindly contact customer care department of Bajaj Allianz or visit their branch to do so.

      Hope it will help you.

    • Shafeeque, you can’t get fund value of your policy just like this. You need to contact customer care department via email / phone call.

    • Dear sir,
      I subir mishra my policy no 0233117708
      I want to sarender to my policy.
      Pl. Tellme what is the refund value of my polocy

  6. Dear Sir,

    1. I Have 02 policy opened in Nagpur W.E.F Sep 2008.

    2. Now I am posted from Nagpur to Bangalore. I donot have any information of my NAV value simulteniously no status about my plan.

    3. I request pl do needful any help regardging Change of Address and e chacking of our fund and status.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I had purchased the policy Bajaj Allianz New Family Gain (policy No.0081247978),DOC 04/01/2008 , I.C.Code 2000000761 at Pune paid a premium of Rs.12000/yr up to 2011,however due to personal reasons couldn’t pay further.

    Pl.let me know the status of policy .Incase it is renewed the benefit and in case want to terminate the policy ,what is refund.And also whether this can be converted into retirement benefit policy product or current policy has benefit in post retirement.

  8. Dear Sir, I want to know the status of policy no-0163186546 which is in my name (Danardan Ojha). i have purchased the purchased the policy on dt.28.03.2010 by paying Rs.25000/- and i have already paid 3 installment. I did not pay after paying 3 installment. If i sale the policy now date, then how much i will get. If i wait for the maturity , how much i will get (approx.) or if there is any advice please.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Danardan Ojha

  9. Sir, I want to know the status of Policy No: 0006502662 which was taken in the name of my son BHIMANA SARATH RAHUL ( LIFE ASSURED ), I did’t receive any information regarding this though I sent email on 26/01/2015. This policy happend to be single premium policy. I paid Rs. 30,000/- on 11/01/2005. Because of yours the then Agent Veda Kumar’s advise, some amount was withdrawn from out of the accrued fund of this policy, and with that sum, another Policy was taken vide No: 0083310531 0n 19/01/2008 under UNIT GAIN PLUS GOLD SIZE ONE. Later, it was remained unpaid and wherein, the account was settled by the company though not claimed by me, by terminating such new policy vide yours Lr.dated 11/02/2011 and sent the sum payable under a cheque. thereafter, I didn’t see/receive any response from the company inspite of my several letters and the email as stated above. So, please, inform me the present status of my old policy No: 0006502662 at once, in such a case, I may be ever greatful to you sir, please, Sir, Thanking you, Sir, Sir,…………..BHIMANA HARI BABU, VIJAYAWADA, ANDHRA PRADESH.