Do you have unclaimed money in HDFC Bank?

Couple of days back, I posted an article, stating that about Rs.26,000 crores are lying the different banks, post office etc. in India. Out of which some amount may be yours also. 

It happens many times that people do not operate a bank account for long time and then they forget. Or it may be a bank account of your dead relative and you're a nominee there. But you don't know about that.

Reasons are many. Now, the question arises, how to check whether your money is lying somewhere without your notice?


HDFC Bank has started online service where you can check unclaimed account by entering your name.



Just visit and on the bottom right of the screen, click on "Unclaimed Deposit Search".

The following screen will pop-up.

Now, enter your name. On the screenshot, as you see, I entered the name "Amitabh" and the list shows all the people with unclaimed money starting with Amitabh. Now, if your name is there, click on that and see the address. If both matches, wow! you won!

You just find your unclaimed money in HDFC Bank.


Process to be followed to operationalise the account:

Customers to visit the nearest branch in person

A letter to be submitted to the branch stating the reason for non-operations along with:

In case of Individual Accounts:

– ID document as per the acceptable list of ID documents.

In Case of Non-individal Accounts

– Request should be provided on company’s letterhead, signed off by the authorized signatories along with valid ID document.

Do you have unclaimed money in HDFC Bank?
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