Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 10-Apr-2012


1.Gold ETFs: Investors take refuge in gold ETFs amid global uncertainty.

Increasing uncertainty in global markets and the related impact on Indian markets has led to emergence of gold as a safe haven for investments. Inflow of funds into gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) has been whopping 113% growth in the January-February period this year, according to the latest data available with the Association of Mutual Funds of India. 

Gold ETFs have been the best performers across all categories of mutual funds. Gold ETFs are funds in which investors buy into gold by holding units of gold in demat form. In the last one year, gold ETFs as a category have generated the highest returns among various categories of equity investments.


2.Buying and selling through stock exchanges.

With top fund houses offering select schemes for investments through the stock exchanges, (30 through NSE and 29 through BSE), you have an easier way to transact in mutual funds. Here’s a look at what the exchanges offer. 

The electronic platform offered by NSE is called Mutual Fund Service System, which is widely known as MFSS. It is an online order collection system used for purchasing and selling mutual funds from orders received from investors through the brokers. Separately, the platform offered by Bombay Stock Exchange is called as BSE StAR MF. The platform was launched on December 4, 2009. 


1) Saves time
2) Less paperwork
3) No additional KYC 
4) Easy availability of terminals
5) Single view of portfolio

News Source - BUSINESS LINE.

3.Funds investing in global stocks rake in the moolah.

Mutual funds that invested in foreign stocks and overseas funds delivered better returns than those that invested in India in the last six months. As many as 24 of 30 such ‘global funds’ outpaced the Sensex between October 3, 2011 and April 3, 2012. Global funds made 19.8 per cent compared to the 8 per cent returns managed by diversified equity funds that invest in Indian stocks. 

Better stock market returns in several emerging markets, including South-East Asia and Latin America, and the rally in the US and some European countries helped the ‘global funds’. Returns also got a leg up from the strengthening of the dollar by about 3 per cent and the even steeper appreciation in several emerging market currencies against the rupee also propped up returns.

News Source - BUSINESS LINE.

4.Taurus Dynamic Income Fund announces change in load structure.

 Taurus Mutual Fund has announced change in load structure of Taurus Dynamic Income Fund with effect from 9 April 2012. 


Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 10-Apr-2012
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