Queries Answered | 12-Mar-2012

Some queries, which I've got via email, are answered below.

1. I have taken SBI Ulip Plus -II Regular Plan , I need to track the market value on weekly basis online.Iam having the policy number with me ,my Agent doesn't assist me on this regard. How can I make it happen. – Bhakiyavathi

Answer: You can register free on the official website of SBI Life Insurance and see your policy details. Check the article at https://www.investmentkit.com/articles/2012/01/how-to-check-your-sbi-life-insurance-policy-details-online/ explaining how to register your SBI policy.




2. Dear sir, i want to join your free sms network for financial updates. I try your sms link but there is some problem in that so kindly register and send sms on my mobile no. – Umesh Somaiya

Answer: Please note that we can not manually add or remove any mobile no. for SMS updates. Since, this service is provided by Google SMS channels, you need to register your mobile no. yourself as you'll get confirmation code on your mobile phone also in that process. If you get error while registering, try after some time. The link is http://www.investmentkit.com/freesmsindia/sms-free-india.shtml


3. Can you prepare & provide us on line calculator for premature clouser Post office RD A/c. And also on line calculator For RD A/cs continue more than 5years to 10 years without paying RD instalments. – Maheshbhai Shukla

Answer: There is already a online calculator at http://www.investmentkit.com/mutualfunds/index.shtml

You can use it for your RD calculations also. Just enter your interest rate and amount as per your RD account.


4. If I am purchasing a FD of Rs. 10 Lac for 10 years @ 9% & I belongs to 30% Income tax slab then kindly confirm the following..

a)- Will every year I have to bear Income Tax above Rs. 10000 interest..?

b)- On Maturity after 10 years will I have to again bear Income Tax On Maturity (accured interest part)..?  Pl. help – Sujeet Awasthi

Answer: The interest earned from FD interest is taxable. The interest amount will be added to your taxable income and you have to pay income tax on that as per your tax slab. Now, if you're getting interest every year in your bank account, you need to pay income tax on that in that particular financial year. And if you're getting interest amount only at the time of maturity, you'll pay tax only on maturity.

Queries Answered | 12-Mar-2012
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