Important notice to all visitors of – MUST read

It has come into notice that some people are cheating investors using name of our website Some are representing themselves as agents / brokers / sub-brokers of and some as owners / webmasters. Some are even sending emails also on my behalf.

Let me take this place as an opportunity to clarify that:

  • We don't have any sub-broker / agent / broker for any kind of investments.
  • We do not give phone call / SMS to anyone for any investment product promotion.
  • We do not send promotion emails to anyone.
  • is not affiliated to any mutual fund, insurance, bank, stock broker company in any way. 

I've also started giving replies to queries on this website as a separate article rather than sending individual email. In case I need to send email, I do not write my name or mobile no. in any of my email. 



The only way you'll get email is our email newsletter, and that too, if you've subscribed to that. You'll get SMS ONLY if you've subscribed to our Google SMS channel, and not otherwise.

If you get any such phone call / email / SMS, please forward it to 


Important notice to all visitors of – MUST read
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