icici prudential mutual funOne of my visitor asked the details on how to view his ICICI Prudential mutual fund details online. So, here is a article on that.

Activating your ICICI PRudential mutual funds on their official website is a 4 steps process.

Step 1 Online verification of folio number and email ID.

Step 2 Online Verification of account details.

Step 3 Set up secret question.

Step 4 Use the IPIN to activate the account.

To start with, visit https://www.icicipruamc.com/PruTracker/APP/ASPX/frmOnline_Activation.aspx?recfrom= to start the process. Enter your folio no. and email id and start the verification process. The rest process is self-explanatory.

You can also apply for IPIN at https://www.icicipruamc.com/PruTracker/APP/ASPX/frmRegister.aspx to avoid the above process.

How to view your ICICI Prudential mutual fund details online?
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