Stock Market signals for today | 28-Feb-2012

Below is the list of the common stocks / indices for Indian stock market and their signals based on technical analysis. Remember to mark stop-loss also on your trading.









Stock / Indices Current Strategy Stop-loss
Nifty Sell 5475
Reliance Communications Sell 97.81
Tata Power Sell 111.46
Tata Steel Sell 466.25
Tata Motors Sell 268.5
State Bank of India Sell 2287.59
Wipro Sell 437.27
Reliance Industries Sell 812.76
Infosys Buy 2950
Bharti Airtel Sell 356.88
Wipro Sell 437.27
Reliance Infrastructure Sell 593.51
Stock Market signals for today | 28-Feb-2012
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