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One of the common question asked by my friends is how I make money online through websites. It's difficult to explain the answer in one line. The art of making money online involves many steps and stages. From websites to publishing, from marketing to fighting with viruses and hackers, from adding new websites with removing old unsuccessful websites. So, I decided to start a new section "Make Money Online" where all these things will be explained fully. If you also want to start you online business, you must follow all the articles in this category.

Some basic things you can start with:

1. Get your credit card ready. If you don't have credit card, apply the one now. There are many other ways for online payment but sometimes only credit card will work.

2. Make your free account with social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter and try to understand their functionality.

3. Recall all your hobbies and Google some websites related to them.

4. Give at least 1 hr. daily for your online business. Make your schedule in that way.

5. Get yourself familiar with basics of RSS, Google Reader etc.

6. Last but not the least, visit this website daily.


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