Do you have complaints on your savings and investments?

I get number of emails and comments on problems investors are facing after making investments. Sometimes, it’s a issue of mis-selling, or lost policy bond. Sometimes, it is regarding duplicate certificates / statements of shares or mutual funds. Credit card problems, loan problems etc. etc. ……. the list is endless.

Although I try to answer them as possible steps to be taken by investor, but I understand that the investor (especially the new ones) fails to do so successfully. And they also hesitate in asking the same again.

So, in order to solve all such queries, I’ve designed “Complaints” section, where in you can post any of your complaints w.r.t. to your savings, investments, banks, insurance, mutual funds, demat account, claim problems etc. I”ll suggest the possible solution and / or forward your complaint to the concerned department of the company.

I don’t promise that all your problems will be solved but We’ll surely together proceed in the right direction to get the solution.

You can post your complaints at :

Note: Due to low response from visitors, the complaints section has been closed. You can post your complaints under comments below.

Do you have complaints on your savings and investments?
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