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Like many other life insurance companies in India, Bharti-AXA Life Insurance has also introduced online term insurance policy iProtect. This plans offers something different from other companies. And they've to do it in this competitive era. Let's check the features and benefits of this term insurance plan.




Bharti AXA Life iProtect- online term insurance plan at a Glance

Life insurance Benefits and other terms related to the term insurance plan

ParameterEligibility Criteria
Minimum age at entry18 years
Maximum age at entry60 Years (–) Policy Term
Minimum sum AssuredRs. 2,500,000/-
Maximum age at Maturity60 years
Death BenefitSum Assured
Policy Term10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.
Premium Payment TermSame as policy Term
Premium Payment ModesAnnual & Semi Annual modes.

Sample Life Insurance Premiums:

Premium for Sum Assured of Rs.1 Crore
Age (yrs)Term (yrs)

You can also calculate your premiums with the help of the Life Insurance calculator given on their official website

Premium calculated is annual premium for a healthy individual male (non-smoker). Premium rates for smokers will vary. Premium will also change based on the underwriting decisions for the individual life made by the company. The premiums are further subject to service tax, education cess and any other charges levied by the Government of India.


To calculate premium as per your age, S.A. etc., you can visit the official website of Bharti-AXA Life Insurance for their online premium calculator at


Features of Bharti AXA Life iProtect- Online term insurance plan

  • Affordable life insurance premium rates: You can get yourself insured at affordable premium rates with this life insurance term policy
  • Life Insurance Benefit:  The life insurance coverage that you get ensures that incase of an unfortunate death of the Life Insured, an amount equal to sum assured will be paid as a life insurance benefit to the nominee
  • Family Care Benefit as part of the life insurance benefit: Unfortunate events in life come unannounced and during this time of distress your family could require contingency support. Family Care Benefit, is a unique proposition by way of which, a part of the life insurance benefit i.e. Rs 100,000 is paid as a lumpsum to the nominee in case of death of the life insured, within 48 hours** of submission of all relevant claim documents. This term life insurance benefit is paid subject to the policy being inforce and the premiums for 2 consecutive term insurance policy years from the date of issuance or the date of latest reinstatement have been paid.


The Family Care Benefit amount will be released subject to following conditions:

A. The Company shall release a cheque on intimation of death of Life Insured, in the nominee’s name within 48 hours of submission of all relevant claim documents and it does not in any way indicate acceptance of any other policy liability. 

B. The 48 hour period shall be reckoned from the time the primary claim documents like the Original policy bond, Death certificate of life insured & Claimants statement are submitted at the branch and acknowledged to the time the cheque is released in the nominee’s name. However, while calculating 48 hours the intervening period on account of Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays declared by the Company and Public Holidays shall be excluded. 

C. For any claim intimation received on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays declared by the Company and Public Holidays and on any working days after 3 p.m., the 48 hour period will be reckoned from 9 a.m. of the next working day 

D. Balance sum assured (after adjusting the Family Care Benefit amount), will be released on a later date if the claim is settled and will be subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein. 

E. Cases where the Claimant is other than nominee as per the Company records are excluded. 

F. In case of multiple policies of Bharti AXA Life iProtect, the lumpsum amount will be restricted to Rs. 100,000 only.

  • Reward for non-smokers, premium discounts on the term insurance policy: You will be eligible for special rates if you are a non-smoker and you have applied for a life insurance benefit (sum assured) in excess of Rs 5,000,000. This gives better value for money for non-smokers when it comes to the life insurance premium that they pay.
  • Hassle Free process of buying a term insurance policy: Now get the advantage of Life Insurance cover at the click of a button. Bharti AXA Life iProtect offers you convenience at your finger tips, as you can buy this term insurance plan online to save the time and effort that would have been required otherwise.
  • Tax benefits along with life insurance: Apart from the life insurance benefit with this term insurance plan, you can avail the tax benefits on the premiums paid and the benefits received subject to the prevailing provisions under Income Tax Act, 1961. The tax benefits are subject to change as per change in Tax laws from time to time. So in addition to the life insurance coverage you also get to save tax


Misc. Points

  • Please note, according to the internal guidelines of the Company, there may be requirement to undergo Medical Examination. In case, you are required to undergo such Medical examination and if the Company empanelled Medical Center is not in your vicinity, you shall have to travel to Company empanelled Medical Center of your convenience at your cost.
  • Bharti AXA Life iProtect is available to resident Indians Only.


Editor Note: Overall, the plan seems to offer very competitive premium rates as compared to existing life insurance players in the market. Lower premium with high S.A. Family care benefit is one of the unique features they've come up with. One can surely consider this term insurance plan in financial portfolio. 

Remember, the premium rates discounted considerably if you choose S.A. of Rs.50 lacs or more. You may have to pay higher premium if you choose less S.A. than this.

You may download its official brochure from here.

Update: Bharti AXA Life Insurance has changed this term plan name from iProtect to eProtect.


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