A new section “Tips” introduced

Sometimes you want to information handy and quickly; no long articles. E.g., if you want to invest for tax-saving, you want answer in single line and not in details. Similarly, there are many important news in financial world, which does not need long explanation. So, to overcome all these problems, we're starting a new section called "Tips", wherein you'll get 1-2 lines of useful information and news. 







To view, you need to visit the section at http://www.investmentkit.com/tips

Also, please note that, these tips will not be added to out daily newsletter or RSS. So, you've to be on website to view them.

Updates: Due to some technical reasons, instead of creating new category, I've started a whole new blog integrating with twitter for Tips section. Hope you'll find it useful.

Updated: Because of very low response from visitors on the Tips section, I've removed this section.

A new section “Tips” introduced
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