Question and Answers | Mutual Funds | 10-Jan-2012

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Question and Answers | Mutual Funds | 10-Jan-2012
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  1. Dear Sir,

    Good evening. I am Sandip Patel. I am regularly visiting this site since one month. I want one suggestion from you. I have a lic policy namely Jeeven Saral of annual premium of Rs. 9188 and I have paid 5 years premium. Now i want to surrende this policy. How much amount i get back. I heard that 5 or more years policy term, one can get 100 % maturity sum assured and it is desided by lic.But i dont know the maturity sum assured for 5 years.Is it better to surrender the policy or continue? Also i have opened a ppf account in sbi. So i dont want to continue lic jeevan saral policy. So pl give me advice what shuold I do for minimising the loss, surrender or continue the policy. also I have recently invested in mutual fund through SIP- Reliance regular savings fund-equity- Rs. 1000 pm, HDFC top 200 fund -Rs. 1000 pm and SBI magnum taxgain scheme 93- Rs. 500 pm. My investment horizon is long as 10 or more years. So these are good or not.Thanks in advance.

    1. LIC jeevan saral can give you about 5% – 5.5% (IRR) even in long term. Do not continue this plan. If you surrender the plan, you won’t get your 100% money. They will deduct charges from that minus 1st year premium. But it’s better to invest that amount in PPF, Gold ETF or bank FD to cover your loss.

      But before cancelling that policy, take online term insurance plan to continue your risk cover. It’s important for your family.

      You can continue with your mutual funds scheme. Invest more when you see crash in stock market.

      Hope it will help you.

  2. Hi,

    i want to invest in mf lump sum amt for a long time (10 years) so can i invest my hole amt in equity base mf directly (divide more than 2-3 funds)
    i invest in any debt fund and after 1 year start stp from debt to any good 100% equity base fund

    Please help to take a decision in both option


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