State Bank of India (SBI) Demand Draft (DD) Number

Recently, when I checked my server log file for search terms, I found that many visitors are looking for information on how to find number on demand draft for State Bank of India (SBI) or any other bank. So, I decided to write an article to help them. Below is the sample of the demand draft issued by bank.





 Enclosed within the figure

Entry in the DD


Black rectangle at the top left

SBM – Somwarpet

The branch of bank issuing the DD

Red Rectangle against ‘ON DEMAND PAY’


The party which gets the amount specified in the DD

Red circle at the top right corner


Date of issue of DD

(Validity period is six months)

Green Circle below the  date


The amount payable to the party

Green rectangle in the middle

Six – ten thousand

Five – Thousands

Zero – Hundreds

Zero – tens

Zero – units

Amount in words

Black circle at the bottom

SBM – Service Bangalore

The branch of bank which pays the amount

Blue rectangle next to Drawee branch


Number of DD

Brown rectangle on the right


Two signatures of the officers of branch issuing DD


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