1.DWS Fixed Term Fund Series-76 announces dividend.

Deutsche Mutual Fund has announced 03 November 2011 as the record date for declaration of dividend under the dividend payout option of DWS Fixed Term Fund Series-76. The quantum of dividend will be 100% distributable surplus as on the record date on the face value of Rs 10 per unit. The scheme recorded NAV of RS 10.0648 per unit as on 25 October 2011.

News Source – NAV INDIA.

2.Reliance FHF – XIX – Series 3: Dividend Declaration.

Reliance Mutual Fund has announced dividend under the dividend option of Reliance FHF XIX Series 3. The quantum of dividend will be 100% of the distributable surplus as on the record date. The record date is November 02, 2011.



3.Look beyond past returns to choose the best fund.

The last 4-5 years have been very interesting for the Indian equity markets. They tested the patience of investors and merit of fund managers. The extremes of highs and lows made investors sit up and closely watch the stocks picked by their funds and fund managers. Some schemes beat the benchmark indices in the rising market of 2006-07. They also managed to limit the losses in the 2008 crash. Though long-term annualised return is normally used to gauge a fund's performance, a look at the 'up capture' and 'down capture' ratios would help zero in on the best one. Up/downside capture ratio shows you whether a given fund has outperformed-gained more or lost less-compared with a benchmark during periods of market strength and weakness, and if so, by how much. Broadly there are four different combinations of up/downside capture ratios.



4.Religare Fixed Maturity Plan – Series X – Plan B (370 Days).

Religare Mutual Fund has launched Religare Fixed Maturity Plan – Series X – Plan B (370 Days), a close ended income scheme. The new issue is open for subscription from 31st October and closes on 1st November 2011. 

News Source – AMFI INDIA.



5.Taurus Mutual Fund announces change in open ended schemes.

Taurus Mutual Fund has announced changes in Scheme Information Document/Statement of Additional Information/Key information Memorandum-cum-Application form of open ended scheme viz., Taurus Starshare, Taurus Infrastructure Fund, Taurus Ethical Fund, Taurus Tax Shield, Taurus Nifty Index Fund, Taurus Bonanza Fund, Taurus Discovery Fund, Taurus Ultra Short Term Bond Fund, Taurus Liquid Fund, Taurus Short Term Income Fund, Taurus Gilt Fund, Taurus MIP Advantage and Taurus Dynamic Income Fund. 

Accordingly, with effect from 1 November 2011 the open ended schemes of Taurus Mutual Fund will be enabled for transactions-lump sum purchase, SIP and redemptions-through the stock exchange infrastructure (exchange platform) of BSE on Bombay Stock Exchange Platform for Allotment & Redemption of Mutual Fund units (BSE-StAR MF) and NSE on National Stock Exchange -Mutual Fund Service System (NSE-MFSS). Switch, SWP and STP are presently not permitted through the exchange platform. Purchase and redemption amount limits will be as per the exchange regulations.


6.Pramerica Mutual Fund declares amendment in exit load structure.

Pramerica Mutual Fund has declares amendment in exit load structure of Pramerica Dynamic Fund, Pramerica Equity Fund and Pramerica Dynamic Monthly Income Fund. Accordingly, the exit load stands revised as under with effect from November 1, 2011. The scheme will charge 2% exit load if the units are redeemed/switched-out on or before 365 days of allotment. The scheme will charge 1% exit load if the units are redeemed/switched-out after 365 days, but before 730 days of allotment. The scheme will not charge any exit load if the units are redeemed/switched-out after 730 days of allotment. 

The above mentioned exit load structure shall be applicable for all investments in the aforesaid schemes with effect from November 1, 2011. Investments made in the respective schemes prior to November 1, 2011 would continue to attract the exit load structure which was applicable at the time of investments.

News Source – LIVE MINT.

Latest Indian Mutual Fund News | 31-Oct-2011
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